Whether you live in Toulouse, Brussels, London or Montréal; whether you have a deep knowledge Krosmaga’s metagame or just discovered the game, celebrate with us the release of Krosmaga’s first expansion on June 28th, at the closest Meltdown bar from you!

Don’t be shy, there’s no reason to be alone with your phone or computer for an event like this! The addition of a new God and more than 150 cards to the game, that calls for a party. And this is the perfect occasion for you to enter a Meltdown bar and meet other players.

For this evening, you can simply chat with other adepts of the Gods of Krosmaga (be it Sram, Eniripsa or even Sadida, we won’t judge), or you can enter a tournament and fight them to win kamas and Noxine cards, at your leisure. Why yes, there will be tournaments in the bars! If you’d like to know if there’s a Meltdown near you, check out right here: they are present in France, Spain, Canada, Germany, etc…

If you’d like to prepare before the night, be sure to have a look at the official Discord channel. It will help you get in contact with your local community and maybe organize a group meeting on that day!

Be sure to send us picture from your part on June 28th, be it on Twitter with the #MeltdownKrosmaga hashtag, or on Discord. We can’t wait to see you become followers of Enutrof!