With 150 new cards and the entrance of the god Enutrof, the Necros & Paladirs expansion will truly put your skills to the test. To face up to this challenge, stack the cards in your favor with the pre-order pack: 50 Necro packs, as well as an exclusive platform and emote! It is available until June 27th.

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The pre-order pack will be a heavyweight ally in the savage fight the Necros & Paladirs expansion has in store for you!

So, let's get to the heart of the matter (and of your opponent, why not?): what's inside? There's no need to dig like an Enutrof to find out!

  • 50 Necros & Paladirs packs, including 250 cards from the expansion. Each pack contains 5 cards, one of which is guaranteed to be of Rare or better quality. 
  • 1 exclusive* Enutrof Pedestal (but which can be equipped by all the gods);
  • 1 exclusive* Necronomigore Emote.


Enutrof Pedestal
Necronomigore Emote

Basically, everything you need to get into the swing of things in this dangerous area! But not for any old price: the pre-order pack only costs €34.99! Each booster is worth 100 kamas, which means 11 boosters, the pedestal, and the emote: all for free!

While you're waiting to face the evil the Enutrofs have freed from the depths of the World, don't wait to get your hands on the first treasure from the Necros & Paladirs expansion: the pre-order pack, available until midnight (CEST) on Tuesday, June 27th!

Here are a few examples of cards you could find in the new Necros boosters: 


* These two items of exclusive content will be available only in this pack, and will no longer be on sale once the expansion has been released.