A new god, over 150 brand new cards, and a major revelation (keep reading to find out more): the next expansion to Krosmaga is bringing out the big guns for summer.

Dig, my gallant friends, dig! That's how you'll find out everything about the next expansion. By opening Gamakna #1, you'll discover the identity of the 9th god. While investigating, you came across the first part of a story which told of the grave blunder the Enutrofs recently committed. And now…?

Now, you're going to kill four birds with one stone: first, discover the name and page dedicated to the new Krosmaga expansion! Then, if Enutrof and his disciples play a major role in it, you'll see that they're far from being the only ones on the title screen. Two new peoples are appearing in the World of Twelve!

The book unearthed by the covetous Enutrofs is like no other…

Over 150 new cards are waiting for you on June 28th. Preorder starts on June 15th.