Well, it was going to happen one day! How would you react if a load of little men were constantly digging around in your entrails without your permission? It looks like the World of Twelve finally got fed up and took its revenge by liberating something... or someone...

"Belgodass! Belgodass, answer me, for Enutrof's sake!"

Bernalette seemed worried. What could have have happened to her poor sla... erm, miner? Seeing the terrified looks on his coworkers' faces, she grabbed her courage with both hands and decided to dive into the furnace that was opening up under her feet...

"Don't do that, boss! It's too dangerous! It's deathly silent down there!

- Keep your cowardice to yourself, Kibri. I'm not going to give up on one of my men. Not ever! Do you hear me?!

With all the suppleness and grace of a Bworkette, and under Kibri's astonished gaze, Bernalette slid along a rope that led straight down into the sulfurous depths of the World of Twelve...

"Good Enutrof, it's 'ot down 'ere! I'm sweating like a Piwin in a monastary!"

Bernalette landed violently on the ground in a cloud of dust.

"Cough cough!"

Opposite her, in a trance, as if possessed, Belgodass was standing ramrod straight, a book open in his hands and a look as bright as a Iop confronted with a mathematical equation.

"Belgodass, what on earth are you doing? We've been calling you for ages!"

With trembling lips, wet eyes and a crushed expression, Belgodass murmured these few words, in between his sobs:

"What is the point of saving life when you see what they do with it.

- What on earth are you babbling on about, Belgodass? Put an end to this nonsense, right now!
- An ancient evil...
- You're starting to scare me. Stop it, I tell you!
- The sins of the gods!
- My word, listen to the blasphemy! 
- You opened it...
- Shut up!
- You OPENED it!
- Listen to me, my friend, you're going to shut that dusty old book right now and get back to work! Belgodass! I order you to stop this buffoonery and do as I say!
- You OPEEEENED it!"

- Bit by bit, Bernalette's anger turned into fear. Her acolyte seemed possessed and had fallen victim to unsettling visions.

Suddenly, as if something had shaken him from his lethargy, Belgodass closed the book with a snap. Behind the curtain of dust enveloping him and Bernalette, strange silhouettes appeared one by one.

But there was no doubt about it: all of the miners had remained on the surface...