A new update has been added, with card balancing and improvement over several features. Find the entire change log right here! 




  • Full recycling: it is now possible to recycle cards from your collection, even if you don't have the maximum number authorized. Please note, if you decide to recycle an Infinite card, you will lose the XP and offerings unlocked by this card.
  • Compensation system: when cards are revised downwards during an update, you will have 15 days from the date of the update to recycle all your cards at the "full rate": fragment earnings will be the same as the creation price of the card.
    • If you recycle an Infinite card using this system, you will also receive a kama amount corresponding to the XP accumulated on this card, but you will lose all associated offerings.
    • If a "Krosfinite" card (Krosmic card unlocked by an offering) is affected by the balancing update, the associated Infinite card can be recycled at the full rate via this system.
    • This system is limited to 3 full-rate recyclings for a Common/Uncommon/Rare card and 1 recycling for a Krosmic/Infinite card.
    • The cards concerned by this system are those modified by patch 1.3 and the cards modified during the last balancing patch (1.1 on March 30th 2017).
  • Dual spectator mode: it is now possible to watch a match from the points of view (Dofus and cards in hand) of both players at the same time. To do so, you'll need to be friends with both players in the match, choose the "watch" option for one of them in the friend list, then, once the match has started, choose the same option for the opponent.
  • Friend list: it is now possible to filter by spectators only in the friend list.
  • Invitation to watch: you can now invite a person to watch your match as a spectator even if you have deactivated spectator mode in your settings.
  • The button allowing you to filter only cards owned in the collection has been replaced by a drop-down menu with the following options: all cards/cards owned/cards not owned/new cards/cards that can be used with the compensation system.
  • It is now no longer possible to obtain cards that appear in the basic gods decks in the boosters.







  • The available turn playing time in a game against the AI (training or unlocking a god) has been increased to 180 seconds.


  • Oscar Kass: his Minion cost has been correctly updated if he is picked in the opposing hand.
  • Crobak Chief: his effect is now correctly applied on allied crows only.
  • Minions who release a charge when they appear now activate items on the ground (seeds, bombs, etc.) if they should be destroyed during their charge.




  • Midgin Bruiser: Skill changed. "Shield" to "APPEARANCE: Gains shield if an enemy Minion is on its row.
  • Blue Larva: Attack reduced from 3 to 1.
  • Tofu Polter: HP reduced from 3 to 2.


  • Shake: Skill changed. "Stuns a Minion for 1 turn. Picks 1 card" to "Stuns a Minion for 1 turn". Cost reduced from 3 AP to 2 AP.


  • Justice ***: Skill changed. "APPEARANCE: When Minion's AT reaches 3, it charges" to "APPEARANCE: When Minion's AT reaches 3, it charges 2 cells."
  • Bamboo Milk: Skill changed. "The targeted Minion charges" to "The targeted Minion charges 2 cells."


  • "Treasure"-type offerings that awarded packs of cards or tokens from Ecaflip Roulette have been modified to award kamas instead.
  • Rewards in the End-of-Season Chests have been upwardly revised.
  • Change to the allocation of cards in Dungeon mode: players will receive cards they don't already own or of which they don't own the authorized maximum (1 or 3 cards) as a priority. Once the 10 cards of an instance have been obtained, the following cards will be determined at random.
  • Players using Steam will no longer get the Foggernaut Platform when they first log in.