Not everything can come up smelling of roses, you know. However, the kama gives off a scent that is recognizable above all else to Enutrofs, who can smell them from kilokameters away. It's this unfailing nose for profit that urges them to dig deeper and deeper into the entrails of the earth. Sometimes, this even leads them to uncovering its best kept secrets...

She might look like a sweet old grandmother, as soft as gobbread, but Bernalette Racci can be tough as a crackler's tooth when she needs to be. Small in stature, she might excel at keeping hold of her kamas, but the same can't be said for her tongue. Her piggy bank, which is as full to bursting as a stuffed Lousy Pig's pot-bellied paunch, is enough to turn all her little Enutrof comrades green with envy!

Today, the old woman is known as the Enutrof who digs faster than her own shadow. A quality which has, moreover, allowed her to pass through the ranks with a speed like no other, to finally be awarded the post of supervisor of the biggest mining site the World of Twelve has ever known.

"You see, Kip Agau, the world can be divided into two categories: those who were born with a silver shovel in their hands and those who were born dirt poor.

Leaning against her favorite shovel with a beady eye on her devoted little miners, Bernalette strives to motivate her troops to dig deeper and deeper. In her own way, of course...

"Hop to it! Put some elbow grease into it or it'll be your grave you'll be digging! 

- Talk about a woman with an iron will... I don't know about you, Forbank, but I rather like it... My dentures are trembling...

- Aaargh, for Enutrof's sake Kibri, just shut up and shovel! And do me a favor and keep your unsavory fantasies to yourself, ok?"

The orchestra of shovels hits the ground rhythmically, with an enthusiasm and determination imparted by a conductor who is pitiless, to say the least.

"I want to see strips of land flying, hear rocks smashing in two and feel the ground trembling right down to my bones!"

As they dig, Bernalette's little soldiers get closer and closer to the World of Twelve's core. The heat was becoming unbearable. They might have amassed enough treasure to support a whole family of Enutrofs for several generations, but this wasn't enough for Bernalette, who, greedy as she is, always wanted more.

"Boss! We've found something!

- What do you mean "you've found something"? Don't sound so pleased! What do you think I pay you for? Planting radishes?!
- Boss, it's strange, I...
- If it doesn't shine like the sun, it's of very little interest to me, you know!"

Gripping her Haven Bag tightly, jaw clenched, Bernalette was losing patience.

"It's a book, boss!

- A book? Unless it contains some illuminations we can peel off, you can kee..."

Suddenly, the whole earth started shaking, as if it were waking up, knocking Bernalette and her miners onto their backsides as they tried to somehow hold on to their dignity.

"What... What is that? Belgodass! What happened?"

With a deafening noise, a light broke out from the very depths of the earth, blinding all those who lay in its path. Many thought it was the end of the world and all over you could hear cries of:

"I should have blown it all at the Inn!"


"I'm not ready yet! No, I'm not ready yet to tell you where I've hidden it all away!"

But it was followed by a heavy silence. While some of the miners celebrated still being alive by kissing their shovel, their drheller or their neighbor, down in the pit, Belgodass was showing no signs of life...


To be continued...