The 3 qualifying tournaments are now complete. They gathered more than 750 players, resulting in more than 2000 matches… and numerous unexpected twists! Have a look back at these 3 e-sport week-ends that precedes a divine final tournament on Saturday May 13th and Sunday May 14th!

We lived through 3 weeks of intense competition on Krosmaga! The show was always there during the qualification week-ends: great moves, unexpected decks, competitors who never give up and all of that commented live by talented streamers on the GOKrosmaga channel.

It is now time to get serious! The finals will be held this week-end, Saturday May 13th and Sunday May 14th, with a 1500€ prize for the winner. Who will be the champion? Who will go back home with Krosmaga’s first ever cash prize?

To help you with your prognostics, here’s a rundown of the 64 players qualified for this tournament.

Qualifying tournament 1


This first tournament immediately set the tone for the Spring Kup: jambonfromagequiroule was one of the contestants! Winner of the previous tournament, the Frozen Arena, he did not disappoint his fans and rolled all over the competition (pun intended), earning the 100€ promised to the winner.

Numerous high-ranking players hung out in this tournament, including TD-Nakayori -who may be one of the favorites in this race to the champion’s title- but also AkaOni, Rev or bebeure. All of these players have earned their place in the finals.

Speaking of, here are the 16 players qualified with this first tournament:


Qualifying tournament 2


Here again, many famous players were attending the event: Shadoaze (finalist of the Frozen Arena), Shadourow, bab-c, The-timmik-972, 1ntegrer and FreeArt. This was probably the most eventful of the three tournaments, where many favorite contestants lost before even reaching the 8th finals!

In the end, TsuNamiHeart won the whole tournament with his Eniripsa and Sram decks after an intense battle against Shadoaze! If these two meet in the finals, we’ll get a high-level grudge match for sure…

Here are the 16 players qualified with this second tournament:


Qualifying tournament 3


This third phase was dedicated to international players and we have a variety of nationalities in the top 16: English, Spanish, Belgian, Canadian and Chinese! They will be the proud emissaries of their country in the finals.

FruitsLegs won the tournament without losing a single match for the whole tournament. A performance even more impressive considering he met –sosororo-, Merevoilah and Koniacz along the way, all of them used to be on the top of the ladder. Definitely one of the favorites for the finals!

Here are the 16 players qualified with this third tournament:


Seasonal ladder


Season 3 of Ranked matches concluded on May 2nd with a final rush never seen before: the first place was decided in the last few minutes by a game between Ozylon21, then 1st place in the ladder, and jambonfromagequiroule, 2nd place on the same ladder. But in the end, the clock decided otherwise and the match concluded on a draw between both players.

Ozylon21 won the season and, at the same time, his ticket for the Spring Kup’s finale! In addition, since many players who won their place in the qualifying tournaments were also in ladder’s top 16, we had to go down to the 25th place to find 16 players who deserved a qualification!

Here are these 16 players:



Spring Kup’s finale this week-end!


You probably figured it out, but the competition will be intense next Saturday and Sunday! Don’t miss a thing by joining us on GOKrosmaga starting at 2:30 PM CEST. The cast should be as good as the epic games that will unfold during these moments.

Here’s this week-end’s planning:


  • Starting at 2 p.m. (CEST): 32nd-finals
  • Starting at 4:30 p.m. (CEST): 16th-finals
  • Starting at 7 p.m. (CEST): 8th-finals


  • Starting at 2 p.m. (CEST): Quarterfinals
  • Starting at 4:30 p.m. (CEST): Semifinals
  • Starting at 7 p.m. (CEST): Final

The tournament brackets will be generated at 1:30 PM. Contestants will know their first opponent at this moment and not a moment before! We’d like to remind you that the games will be in BO5, so contestants will prepare 4 different decks and get to ban one of their opponent’s. All the rules of the tournament can be found here.

Who will win the tournament? Have you got a favorite yet? Will jambonfromagequiroule be able to reiterate his Frozen Arena performance and keep being Krosmaga’s champion? Despite his defeat in the 2nd qualifying tournament, does Shadoaze have what it takes to defeat all? Is Ozylon21 as good in tournament as he is in the ladder? And above all, what will be Proto’s hair color this time?!

So many question that will find their answer this week-end! Are you ready?