You’d like to add Krosmaga to your (gigantic) library of games? It’s now available on Steam! Connect to the game through this platform and get the exclusive “Steamer” pedestal!

Good news for all users of Valve’s video-game platform: Krosmaga is now part of Steam’s catalog! The game can now be launched through your games library. You can find Krosmaga by searching the Steam shop, or by clicking right here!

The Steam version is similar to the PC and Mac version, and will be updated at the same time; you can even use it to access your account and current collection without troubles. But you will also have access to all of Steam’s features: unlock achievements, share your greatest moments on the community hub, earn collectible cards (*), pay your in-game purchase with your Steam Wallet…


If you’re ready to join us, here are a few interesting links for you:


And to get your Steam engine wound up (sorry, we had to make that pun…), if you connect to Krosmaga with Steam in the next few days, you will receive an exclusive Steamer pedestal! This pedestal cannot be obtained anywhere else and is only available for a limited time, so go ahead and get it now!

(*) Be aware, these are the Steam collectible cards one can use to craft badges, not cards that you can use in Krosmaga directly!