We’ve barely completed our work on Draft mode but already, we’re bursting with ideas on what to do next! We can’t resist show you a small preview of what the next update will add to the game, a little surprise that seasoned players will surely love!

Since its inception, the cream of the crop of Krosmoz’s greatest heroes and Gods are fighting in Krosmaga in epic duels. However, we realized that some heroes were still missing from the roster. Heroes that have nothing to be ashamed of compared to the Krosmoz celebrities, heroes who explore the craziest dungeons, fight the most dangerous monsters and collect rare Dofus like nothing. In another word… you!

Here’s why Krosmaga will soon offer you a character transfer system. Whether you play DOFUS or WAKFU, you will be able to transform your favorite character into an Infinite card for Krosmaga!

Here’s an example of what these heroes could look like:

Of course, some rules will apply to the creation of these unique cards.

  • Only a single character per account and per game will be transferable to Krosmaga. If you’re playing both DOFUS and WAKFU, you can get a total of two characters!
  • Your character will still be available in its original game.
  • The card’s Strength and HP will be equal to the character’s level when you transfer it. Abilities, however, will be semi-random, and will depend on your character’s class and equipment. The rarer the stuff, the stronger the card!
  • The card will be of Infinite rarity. Therefore, it will earn XP like the others, and be limited to one per deck.
  • The card won’t immediately be added to your collection: you’ll need to find it in a booster pack like any other Infinite card. Hey, what did you expect? Good things aren’t cheap, you know! We recommend you use Gold booster packs to get your hero as quickly as possible.
  • Each card will be unique and only usable by the player who created it. Which means no-one but you can ever use Super-Transfer, level 96 Cra! We know that deep down, players love exclusive and unique cards like these.

We’re currently working on a transfer interface, which will be available on the official website before the next patch.

Of course, this is all a work in progress on our side. We will be more than happy to hear your feedback on this new feature, so don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us below. But we’re sure you guys are 100% behind us on this new facet of the game anyway!

So, between two Ranked matches, take some time to level up your DOFUS or WAKFU character to get your unique champion in Krosmaga!

EDIT from April 2nd: alright, alright, you saw clearly through our April Fool's joke... The world wasn't ready for this. But we congratulate you on your keen eyes! ;)