Draft mode is available for the weekend starting at 4 PM (CET) this Friday. Take the opportunity to show us you’re the best and win your entry ticket to the next official Krosmaga tournament!

During the Draft mode test weekend on the beta server over 280 of you rose to the challenge and reached Draft level 4. Congratulations to all those who made it! We were thrilled to see you throw yourself into this new mode like a starving Bow Meow on a bunch of Bow Meow Grass and we’re really touched that the community is always there at every event.

So for the official launch we decided to get back to the drawing board and create a similar contest... but this time bigger, more generous and more challenging! Top players will be able to win an entry to the next official Krosmaga tournament!

Sorry, what... what’s that you say? What tournament are we talking about? Hold on, we’ll tell you all about that very soon. It’s going to be legendary! In the meantime, brush up on your playing skills because if you’re a talented Draft player, you may already have a place for yourself! 

Contest Rules

The contest will be held on Friday, March 31st starting at 4 pm CET to Monday, April 3rd at 6 am CET.

You’ll need to get the following scores to win prizes:

  • If you reach level III without losing a single match (= 6 wins in a row), you will win a Noxine.
  • If you reach level IV without losing a single match (= 9 wins in a row), you will be credited a Silver Booster.
  • Lastly, if you manage to win 12 times including 3 “All-Ins”, you will take home an entry for the next official Ankama tournament. You’ll have to unlock the “God of the Draft” quest over the weekend!

These prizes are all cumulative: if you win a place for the tournament you will also win the Noxine and Silver Booster, etc.

Send us a screenshot of your best scores on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments section of this article stating your game username clearly and the tag #KrosmagaDraft.

You can only have one entry per account in the next official tournament. If you manage to obtain more than one place with 12 wins and 3 ALL-INs, we will only keep one per account. The results of the event will be checked starting on Monday.

Good luck everyone, may Ecaflip be with you!