A new patch was deployed, with new content, tweaking and bug fixes. Find the complete list of these changes here! 


  • Draft game mode added. Find out more about the new mode by clicking here!
  • Draft mode is only available (for the moment) at certain times: Friday 4 pm (CET) to Monday 6 am (CET) weekly.
  • 10 new offering quests in Draft mode.


  • Cards picked up from the discard pile are now shown in the history.


  • It is now possible to try and download game data again without having to quit the application after certain errors.


  • The language can now be changed in the configuration menu. Changes of language only go into effect the next time you connect
  • New option in the configuration menu to delete files in the cache. Warning: this operation will cause the application to close and all of the game content will have to be downloaded again the next time you start up.


  • Trophies added: A new type of personalization, displayed above your god’s pedestal/medallion. Trophies are given to players that attain a particular ranking each season, including season 1, which has already finished. Learn more about trophies and rewards in season 2 here.
  • Shop: New personalization tab where you can buy new pedestals.




  • Minions with a “teleporting” effect now use up MP correctly after their effect is triggered.
  • During simultaneous fighting, death effects were not triggered correctly in certain situations. This has been fixed.
    • Death effects that were not triggered correctly have been fixed.
    • Dark Vlad now correctly inflicts damage on 3 cells. Its effect was sometimes nullified if the Minion facing it died after the battle, or was protected by a shield.
    • The Trank effect is now triggered correctly when facing a charging creature.
  • The bug that stopped the description of a damage-inflicting spell from updating when the card was taken from an opponent has been fixed.
  • The bug that caused a card to be shown in the discard pile, when that card had actually been picked up immediately after it was discarded has been fixed.
  • The bug that stopped certain effects being triggered when a Minion was placed on a bomb (repercussion, shield, etc.) has been fixed.
  • Pace Trese pushes back his opponent correctly if in possession of a shield.
  • The “Bow Meow” card has been renamed “Black Bow Meow” to distinguish it from the pet Bow Meow.
  • "Sinistro" and "Token" playing aids have been added to the cards.
  • Changes have been made to the texts about healing skills to make them clearer on the use of Bloodsucker Tsu Tsu.


  • Fleeflee: Fleeflee now properly benefits from boss effects when changing family.
  • Welsh: Its effect is triggered after other Minions appear (e.g. Royal Gobball, Black Wabbit).
  • Comen Goe: The Death effect was sometimes triggered when the card was drawn by Adamai and the opponent’s hand was full. This has been fixed.
  • Marline: Order of effect triggering has been improved.
  • Royal Piwi: The bug that stopped normal functioning of “silence” effect on the card has been fixed.
  • Julith***: The bug that stopped normal functioning of “silence” effect on the card has been fixed.
  • Missiz Freezz: The bug that deducted too many AP when effect was triggered has been fixed.
  • Remington***: Can also replace an allied prism.


Changes to charge mechanic: From now on, during a charge, Minions with Range move forward and attack exclusively in close combat.

A word from the Game Designer (Toutoune):

Today, Charge and Range are two very useful mechanics in their own right. The combination of these two mechanics makes them even more effective, with an excessively strong impact on the god Iop. We do not want to radically change these two mechanics, but the combination of the two. For this reason, we have changed the behavior of a Minion with Range that is charging.



  • Seeds: The mechanic for seeds has been changed. Before, seeds grew in your hand if an allied Minion walked on them but were destroyed if it was an enemy Minion. From now on they will be destroyed by both but their effect becomes: “A Minion that walks on a Seed earns +1 AR if it is an ally or receives 1 damage if it is an enemy.”
  • Klor Ofil: Attack increased from 1 to 2. HP decreased from 2 to 1.
  • Bush: Cost increased from 1 AP to 2 AP.
  • Bag of Seeds: Cost reduced from 1 AP to 0 AP.
  • Wild Whispers: Effect changed from “Gives your Minions +1 AT and +1 AR if you have a Seed in play” to become, “Gives +1 AT to your Minions or +1 AT and +1 AR if you have a Seed in play”.
  • Elmer: Effect changed from "APPEARANCE: Gains +1 AT and +1 AR per allied Seed in play” to become “END OF TURN: Gives +1 AT and +1 AR if you have a Seed in play”.
    Cost reduced from 3 AP to 2 AP.
  • Necrom: Effect changed from, “When one of your Sadidas dies, it returns to your hand” to become, “Gain +1 AT and pick up a card when one of your Sadidas dies”.
    Attack increased from 1 to 2.
    HP reduced from 8 to 7.
  • Seeden Impulse: Cost increased from 5 AP to 6 AP.
  • Grainule: Effect changed from, “Gives a Minion as much AT and AR as allied Seeds in play” to become, “Inflicts 1 damage per allied Seed in play. Your Seeds are destroyed”. Cost reduced from 4 AP to 2 AP.
  • Sacrificial Dolls: Effect changed from "DEATH: Inflicts 1 damage to Minions on its row" to become, “DEATH: Inflicts 1 damage to enemy Minions on its row”.
  • Dolly Sacrifice: Cost decreased from 8 AP to 5 AP.
  • Inflatable Doll: Effect changed from “START OF TURN: Heals allied Minions on its line by 2 HP” to become, “Heals your other Minions on its line by 2 HP at the end of all allied movements”.
  • Sylvine Graswyld: Effect changed from “Your Seeds inflict 2 damage on enemy Minions that walk over them” to become, “APPEARANCE: Add to your hand 1 Madoll, 1 Bag of Seeds and 1 Bush”.


  • Dozeless Acid: Effect changed from “Draw 1 card when Minion is healed” to become, “APPEARANCE: Changes its target's AT so that it is equal to its remaining HP”.
    Attack increased from 2 to 3.
  • Matthew Osh: Effect changed from "APPEARANCE: Heals your Minions by 3 HP” to become, “Heals your other Minions by 2 HP at the end of all allied movements”.
  • Malb Aroma: Effect changed from “Gain +1 AT and +1 AR when a Minion is healed” to become, “APPEARANCE: Draw 1 card”.
    Attack increased from 1 to 2.
  • Coney: Movement points increased from 2 to 3.


  • Shake: Cost increased from 2 AP to 3 AP.
  • Jump: Effect changed from “Teleport a Minion 3 cells” to become, “Teleport an allied Minion 3 cells”.
  • Djaycy Awooare: Attack increased from 2 to 3.
    HP reduced from 4 to 1.
  • Sono Sino: Effect changed from "APPEARANCE: Target Minion charges 2 cells” to become, “START OF TURN: Your other Minions charge 1 cell”.



  • Weakening: Effect changed from “Makes a Minion’s AT drop to 1” to become, “Banishes last card that went to your discard pile to make Minion’s AT drop to 1.”
  • Amsrad Cipici: Attack decreased from 5 to 4. HP reduced from 8 to 7.
  • Deviousness: Cost increased from 0 AP to 1 AP.



  • Homing Arrow: Effect changed from “Inflicts 1 damage, if Minion destroyed, retrieve the spell” to become, “Inflicts 1 damage, if Minion is destroyed, retrieve the spell. Costs 1 AP more”. Cost reduced from 2 AP to 1 AP.
  • Piercing Arrow: Cost increased from 2 AP to 3 AP.
  • Destructive Arrow: Cost increased from 4 AP to 5 AP.
  • Storm Arrow: Rarity changes from Common to Uncommon.
  • Last Resort: Rarity changes from Uncommon to Common.



  • Adamai**: Effect changed from "APPEARANCE: Returns a Minion with 5 AT or less to its owner's hand” becomes, “APPEARANCE: Returns a Minion with 4 AT or less to its owner's hand”.



  • Ancestral Blibli: Effect changed fromEND OF TURN: Your other Minions charge 2 cells” to become, “START OF TURN: Your other Minions charge 2 cells.”
    Cost reduced from 8 AP to 7 AP.
  • Guy: Effect changed from "APPEARANCE: Randomly switches the positions of both players' Dofus” to become, “DEATH: Randomly switches the positions of both players' Dofus”. Attack increased from 1 to 2. HP reduced from 4 to 2.



  • Royal Blibli: Effect changed from "APPEARANCE: Your other Bliblis charge” to become, “APPEARANCE: Your other Bliblis charge 2 cells”.


  • The HP for the first enemy dofus are correctly displayed on screen in the mobile version.


  • Problems that sometimes occurred during a disconnection while the game was loading have been fixed.
  • Problem that sometimes stopped videos playing on DirectX 9 graphics cards has been fixed.


We are currently working on putting in place a fair compensation system for the players that possess these cards. This will let you un-craft and re-craft the modified cards for a certain period of time once the update is released. However, the system is not ready yet and we can’t offer it to you for this patch.

We are doing everything we can to get this system ready for release asap. Its effects will be retroactive, which means that any of the cards changed in this patch will be able to be un-crafted and re-crafted when the system is active.