Many of you downloaded issue 0 of Gamakna, and shared your precious feedback with us. As such, we've fixed a few details, and found some new tools to optimize everything. Thank you! But there's no time to rest! Straight on to a special edition and issue 1. GO!


Gamakna, the digital magazine that covers all Ankama news, is available in stores for free since February 17th, in French, English and Spanish. 

Generally speaking, you really enjoyed issue 0. That warms our hearts!
Depending on the community, one or two topics went under our radar, but we were able to restore them as time went by.

You reported a few display issues when using a browser, and you were right. We improved what we could, given the system we are using. Ultimately, though, we will keep recommending using mobile, tablet or smartphone to read the magazine.

What's up, doc?


Today marks the online release of a new issue of Gamakna! That's all there is to it!
As an exception, it doesn't cover all our universes, but one that has been in the news since the 22nd February. Krosmaga!

We told you about it when Gamakna hit the stores: it's the GAMAKNA - KROSMAGA SPECIAL EDITION! That's right, a Special Edition before the series has even begun... but we weren't going to push back the release of the game for such petty considerations!

It might not feel relevant to all our communities (after all, it's the same universe and there was talk of an RT & Follow on social media...), but in an effort to make it interesting to as many people as possible, we've tried to provide a beginner's guide to the card game of the gods of the Krosmoz, to ease you in and help you progress. If you'd like to read it, for free, of course, you'll find it here:



Download on the Windows Store
Read on my PC

And should you find yourself interested in Krosmaga after all, know that two codes, unlocking in-game gifts, are hidden in there...



Gamakna now has its own page on our websites. It can be found in the "News" tab. You'll never be lost again!



But what about issue number 1? Well, we haven't forgotten it! You'll find the latest information from all our universes and a few exclusives in the first issue of the Ankama magazine due out at the end of April. The special edition took us as much time as a regular issue to make. Just so we didn't leave you without news for two months, we've decided to compromise: as such, Gamakna #1 will be released in a month.

Speaking of which... are there any specific topics that you would like us to address? Or maybe any questions directly for Tot? To improve your chances of being read and selected, here are the steps to follow:
  • To suggest a topic, begin your response on this news' forum thread with #subjectG, then give your suggestion. We won't be able to address all topics, but the most common one will be taken into consideration.
  • To ask Tot a question, begin your answer on this forum subject with #QtoTot (who else has Africa stuck in their head now?), followed by your question. This time, it will be the pertinence (and not impertinence) of your question that will determine if you are or aren't chosen.