You’re a thrill seeker. You love a challenge and breaking your own limits. You want to enlarge your collection while trying out a new playing mode. If that all sounds like you, come and test the Draft mode now! Will you be the best “Drafter”?

What is Draft mode?          

It’s a new playing mode for ranked and unranked matches in which you have to build a new deck out of a selection of random waves of cards; and all while making crucial decisions.

You’ll need a savvy mix of luck and technical skill. Draft mode can win you up to 2,000 Kamas and 1 Gold Pack! But careful not to get too carried away with the “All In”, which can truly go either way...

Start by selecting one God out of a selection of 3. Remember that Krosmaga is a game invented by the god Ecaflip, the god of gambling, luck and chance: so as you’d expect, it’s a spin of the roulette wheel that will decide which Gods you get. If you don’t want the 1st God offered to you, you have two more tries to find one you like!

Once you have your God, you can go to the next part of the game: creating your deck!

As shown below, you have to choose 3 out of 8 cards shown to you. This operation will be repeated 15 times until you have a deck of 45 cards. Then all of the game’s cards are made available and all the usual limitations are lifted! You might have the 5 “storm arrows”, the 3 “Aliberts” or even the 4 “Milkars”! Well, it’s statistically possible, but it probably won’t be a daily occurrence.

Once you have your deck you’re ready to start the first fight!

There are 4 very different levels in the new playing mode. At each level you will play 3 matches. Obviously you will start on the first level where you will be able to win up to 50 tokens per match.

At each new level you can win bigger and bigger prizes. Your goal is leave with as many tokens as possible by losing as little as possible! Warning: 3 losses and you will be shown to the door!

In this image you can see the 4 levels on the left. In the middle you can see your progress in the 3 matches (in this case, 1 win, 1 loss and 1 game still to play). On the right you can see your winnings.

On the 4th and final level your daring, determination, tenacity and cool will be put to the test! This is where have to really show your mettle! You are given the choice to bet everything you have and try to double your winnings... or lose it all! This is called an “All In” in Poker.

Once you have had 12 wins (or 3 losses), you can collect your winnings, which will change depending on how you played!


What can you win?

When you finish your Draft game at the end of level 4 or after 3 losses, you receive a reward chest. What’s inside? Well, that depends on your performance!

To be precise:

Each level corresponds with:

  • A chest filled with the basic contents
  • An amount of tokens that can be earned during the match

Level 1

Chest = 1 pack of Bronze cards + 15 to 25 kamas

+ 50 tokens par match

Level 2 (at least 1 win)

Chest = 1 pack of Bronze cards + randomly attributed 25 to 35 kamas

+ 100 tokens par match

Level 3

Chest = 1 pack of Bronze cards + randomly attributed 35 to 45 kamas

+ 250 tokens per match

Level 4

Chest = 1 pack of Silver cards + randomly attributed 50 to 60 kamas

+ 600 tokens per match

Tokens are automatically converted into kamas at a rate of 10 to 1: 10 tokens = 1 kama

Here is a table showing you what you can win in Draft mode, with “classic” wins (i.e. without “All In”).

Don’t worry if you decide to have a go and don’t win any matches, you won’t go home empty handed!

If there is an All In on the 4th and final level, the number of tokens won can be doubled.

For example: if you arrive at level IV with 9 wins under your belt, or 1,200 tokens in pocket (50*3 for level 1, 100*3 for level 2 and 250*3 for level 3) and you then win your 10th match after a daring “All In”, you will win a total of: (1200 + 600) x 2 = 3,600 tokens!

To become the Draft Master, you have to win 12 matches, including 3 “All Ins”, to take away a total of 2,000 kamas and 1 gold pack!

So you see, although differences in your collection have no impact on the Draft, this mode is a good way to increase the size of your collection.

Please note: the chests change during the game, they are not cumulative.

How can I play the game?

In the beginning, Draft mode will only be available on weekends and Monday to Friday very early in the morning. To play the game, you have to pay 120 kamas.

The "Draft" button will appear on the official version of the game on March 30th, at the same time as the newest patch. And if you've followed on what we said in this news, you'll deduce that the mode will be playable on March 31st, around 2:00 PM (CET), and every week-end afterwards.