After a whole month of brawling in Ranked mode, it’s delightful to find a treasure at the end of the road! We’re presenting you the rewards you will get once season 2 is concluded, including a little surprise called “trophies”!

During a season, if you want to climb to the highest possible rank, you must play Ranked matches. Once the season is over, you will receive a reward chest corresponding to the highest rank you’ve achieved during the season (even if you have fallen back since – if you’ve reach rank 18 but got back to rank 15, you will still get a rank 18 chest). In this chest you will find your seasonal rewards, like kamas, cards, and customization items to put under you’re the feet of your favorite God or Goddess.

Speaking of which, here’s the exclusive pedestal for season 2. It will be given to each player that has reached at least rank 6 during the season:

Well, you were expecting this already. So here’s a little additional surprise for you: trophies, a whole new system of customization!

Trophies will be placed in front of your pedestal, and are compatible in fact with all existing pedestals. They will allow you to proudly display your performance in Ranked mode: if your opponent move his cursor over it, a tooltip will inform him of its significance.

But one must earn their trophies! You must at least reach Veteran rank (rank 30) to get one. As a matter of fact, we have created a whole series of them for the different degrees of championness (what do you mean, that’s not a word?) that you can achieve:

  • Veteran rank
  • Top 100
  • Top 20
  • Third place
  • Second place
  • First place!

“But why are there two lines of trophies on this picture?” are you probably asking right now. Well, that’s a little extra gift for those of you who went full speed during season 1: we have made retroactive trophies for the previous season! Season 1 trophies are shown on the top line, season 2 on the bottom line. You will receive all of these rewards at once, at the end of the season.

If you don’t reach Veteran rank during this season, don’t worry: we will create a new set for every coming season. If ranked matches are not what you like the most, we’re currently thinking of new challenges that could be rewarded by these shiny decorations as well…

Now that you know everything, you still have a couple weeks left to get to the top of the ladder. Make us proud!

Let’s leave on a small teasing: very soon, new pedestals will be available in the shop, where you’ll be sure to find something worthy of your (divine) feet. Here’s a small sample of what’s to come!

PS: we know you’re waiting for the Draft mode with eagerness. What would you say if we were to tell you that it should be available next week on the test server? ;)