Are you new to Krosmaga, and you'd like a few tips before starting to play? You're right: there's nothing like carefully getting ready before taking your first steps in the game!


What is Krosmaga?

It's an online collectible card game where  you embody a god! You'll therefore have colossal power in your hands, with the ability to  cast spells  and summon creatures or famous characters from the World of Twelve.
In Krosmaga, you can create your own deck which fits you, and which can even develop with you! It's just enough to tickle your competitive spirit.


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How can you play?

Whether you're on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can play Krosmaga anywhere, anytime! And all of the versions are compatible with each other: when playing on mobile platforms, you won't lose progress made simultaneously on your computer.
The only small thing you need to do before playing is to create an Ankama account, or log into it if you already have one. If you don't have one, you can create one here. 
Download the game here:

On PC or Mac
On tablet or smartphone: 

Game Concept

In Krosmaga, you have a double objective: you have to capture your opponent's Dofus* while protecting yours! That's not too complicated.
*Reminder for those who don't know what a Dofus is:
A Dofus is a dragon egg which gives its owner extraordinary powers
To protect your Dofus, you'll have to put together your deck in a strategic way. And to do that, you have two types of cards: Minions (to summon an army to help you) and Spells (to... uh... cast spells)!



Once cast on the game board, Minions live their life. They advance and they attack at the end of their turn, as they see fit, and in style! Because style's important, especially when you're getting ready to play with gods.


Each god has specific powers that allow them to cast spells.


There are also Infinite cards, which are the cream of the crop! Not only do these cards let you summon the biggest heroes in the Krosmoz, they also… evolve! Each Infinite card has three levels. It's up to you to level them up!


Can you feel the pressure rising? Wait to confront other players before panicking :-)
And now, here's what the game board looks like (A.K.A. the battlefield!):


 Of the five Dofus present on your side of the board, only three are real Dragon* eggs. A sneaky way to lure your opponents in, no? Each Dofus has 5 Health Points. As soon as you manage to inflict 5 damage on an enemy Dofus, it is revealed. You'll have to discover two real enemy Dofus to win the game.
*The fake Dofus are the transparent ones


They're all hidden. So you'll need to guess which ones are the real Dofus!


As terrifying as they are, your Minions cannot act during the turn that they appear on the field; they need a little bit of time to prepare (except those with "Charge", of course). Once placed on the field, they live their life as they see fit!


At the start of the round, each player discovers which 3 cards will form their starting hand. Here, you'll have to make a choice: you can decide to change one or more of them, or to keep them all. Everything depends on how lucky you are… If you play second, you'll be given an extra card.
Be careful: during the match, you can have up to 10 cards in your hand, and not a single one more. If you cannot draw an extra card, it will go directly into your discard pile!


You'll receive an amount of AP equal to the turn number: on turn 1, you get 1, and on turn 2, you get 2, etc…
And it's these AP that will allow you to play your cards. So carefully choose the cards that you will play depending on their AP cost!


At the start of the game, your deck contains 45 cards. When you get a new card, it comes from your draw pile, and when you play it, it goes in your discard pile!


Note that in Krosmaga, you embody a god! The one you choose will grant you very specific powers: their spells, but also certain creatures that are faithful to them. Choose wisely.



All of your actions and your opponent's are noted here. It can always be helpful if you're the forgetful type and you're wondering "Have I already played this card?".



When a Minion occupies a cell containing a Prism, it is collected by the owner of the Minion.


+1 AP Prism: adds 1 AP to the player's reserve. When a player wants to use the AP in their reserve, they add the entirety of the reserve to their global AP count.

Draw a Card Prism: The player draws the first card of their deck and adds it to their hand.

Curse Prism: the player receives a Curse Card directly in their hand. This card costs 3 AP and inflicts 1 point of damage on an enemy Dofus of your choosing. Be careful: Curse Cards count toward the limit on the number of cards in your hand.


Krosmaga's Gods

In Krosmaga, you can use the powers of 8 different gods. Each one has their own playing style and cards, which no other god may use. Try all of them to find out which divinity suits you best!
To unlock a god, go to Training mode (Play > Training) and win a match with the god of your choice. As a reward, you'll receive that god's starting deck, and from then on, you'll be able to play it in all game modes!

If you'd like a preview of the gods and their power, take a look here! 


Expand Your Collection

There are three types of packs of cards: Bronze containing 5 cards, including at least 1 Rare; Silver containing 5 cards, including at least 1 Krosmic; and Gold containing 5 cards, including at least 1 Infinite.

There are many ways for you to improve your collection of cards:
  • Via the quests offered directly in-game.
  • Via Ecaflip's Krosmic Roulette – every day you log in to the game, you'll receive a token. Play this token directly in the roulette, and with a bit of luck, you'll receive a pack of cards!
  • Via the Shop by buying kamas.

Ranked and Non-Ranked Mode

Krosmaga's two main game modes are hidden behind the Play button.
  • In Non-Ranked mode, you can play freely against other players, using your decks. There are no rankings or stakes in these matches, although you can use them to complete your offering quests and Ecaflip's challenges at your leisure.
  • In Ranked mode, you'll face other players in a competitive atmosphere: winning matches will increase your rank. You start at rank 1, and the highest rank you can reach is rank 30. Up to rank 6, your rank cannot decrease, even if you lose lots of matches. But be careful: beyond rank 6, you'll need to defend your title, because if you lose too many matches, you'll slip back down the ranks! As soon as you reach rank 30, you become a "Veteran", and at that point, you'll start facing the best players in Krosmaga.

Ranked mode takes places in "seasons", each lasting one month. At the end of each month, you'll receive a chest containing exclusive rewards, depending on the highest rank you reached during the season!


Dungeon Mode

Dungeon mode lets you face Rushu – the terrible master of the Shushus – in frenzied fights. Rushu has very powerful cards, and won't hesitate to change the rules of the game to give himself the upper hand. But we know you're cleverer than a Shushu, so with a bit of careful thought, you'll be able to win!

Playing in Dungeon mode costs kamas for every attempt, and it's recommended you know the game a little before you get started. In return, you can win this mode's exclusive cards, which can then be added to all of your decks!

Useful info

  • Limit on the number of cards in hand: a player may not have more than 10 cards in their hand. When you've reached the limit, any new cards you receive are automatically discarded.
  • Prism appearance: Prisms reappear at the start of the next turn as soon as they've all been collected (either by one of your Minions or by an enemy Minion, because enemy Minions can be very sneaky, and come and steal a prism from you).
  • Dofus destruction effects: when a player destroys a fake Dofus, they can play their Minions on the second row on their side. The third row will be unlocked if two Fake Dofus are destroyed.
  • Deck building: your deck can contain up to 3 copies of a common card, but only 1 copy of any Infinite or Krosmic cards. Additionally, your deck may not contain more than 5 Infinite cards in total.

And more still!

Krosmaga is a game which grows and develops over time. Need to find out more? Don't hesitate to consult the help that the player community is ready to provide, and you'll be able to discover all of the game's aspects at your own pace! In particular, you can talk to many players on Krosmaga's Discord channel, here.