For the release of the game, a new patch was deployed, with new content, tweaking and bug fixes. Find the complete list of these changes here! 




The game is now officially available on Android (minimum Android 4.2) and iOS (minimum iOS 8.1) smartphones and tablets, with an adapted interface: 
  • All of the buttons have been adapted to be usable on all mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).
  • The collection and deck creation interfaces have been completely revised.
  • The navigation screens have been changed for this version. The offering screen is accessible from the main menu, and the deck creation interface is accessible only from the start combat screens.
  • In combat, the management and display of cards in the hands, the display of AP, the end of turn button, the display of information regarding creatures on the field and spells played by the opponent, and the display of the gods have been revised.


  • Dungeon game mode added. Find all the information about this new mode here.
  • Addition of 12 cards from the Midgin family, unlockable in Dungeon mode.
  • Addition of 10 new quests linked to Dungeon mode.


  • When a player takes longer to load the fight than their opponent, the opponent will now wait on the loading screen.


  • Modification of card crafting and decrafting rates.
    • The decrafting value of Uncommon cards is now 15 fragments instead of 20.
    • The decrafting value of Infinite cards is now 300 fragments instead of 250.
    • The crafting cost of Uncommon cards is now 90 fragments instead of 120 fragments.
    • The crafting cost of Rare cards is now 300 fragments instead of 350 fragments.
    • The crafting cost of Krosmic cards is now 600 fragments instead of 700 fragments.
    • The crafting cost of Infinite cards is now 1,800 fragments instead of 2,000 fragments.


  • The client displays a message upon connection if there is a new version available.






  • A problem that sometimes kept the level-gain effect for Infinite cards in combat from displaying has been corrected.
  • A problem that kept the experience gains of Infinite cards from displaying after reconnecting to combat has been corrected.
  • A bug that could keep Dofus from displaying in spectator mode has been corrected.
  • A bug which displayed the cards of the discard pile in the wrong order when multiple cards were added simultaneously has been corrected.
  • A bug introduced in the last patch which kept the opponent's AP gauge from showing has been corrected.
  • A bug which could block a card on the field has been corrected.
  • When one of your Minions crosses the line of enemy Dofus, it is now placed on top of your deck and not randomly in your deck.
  • A tooltip has been added for creatures and spells that put a Sinistro in play.
  • Numerous Minion and spell animations have been revised in order to accelerate the progression of fights.
  • A bug with Armor-Piercing has been corrected: in certain cases, the effect wasn't taken into account.


  • Count Harebourg *: His effect is now applied to the correct player when he changes team.
  • Joris ***: His effect is now applied to the correct player when he changes team.
  • Kerub **: His effect, which didn't allow Badenalty to inflict damage on enemy Dofus, has been corrected.
  • Maskemane *: His effect is triggered after an enemy Minion has been played (enemy charges are triggered before Maskemane's retreat effect).
  • Royal Piwi: The silence effect is now correctly applied to the Royal Piwi. His effect is now applied to the correct player when he changes team. 
  • Eniraser: The effect no longer applies to a Minion when it is put back in its owner's hand.
  • Sellor Noob:The effect releases creatures from the stunned state.
  • Oscar Kass:The cost of playing Oscar Kass is correctly calculated when he is stolen.
  • Bloodsucker Tsu Tsu: The effect is applied for both teams.
  • Ruel: His cost is correctly updated if a Fleeflee who has the trait "Brotherhood of the Tofu" is on the field.
  • Comen Goe: The heads or tails animation is now correctly displayed.
  • Marline: Marline can no longer be cast on a Minion that has the Wall property.
  • Marline and Psykosis Flask: The Minion targeted by Marline won't suffer from summoning sickness when under Psykosis Flask.
  • Indie and Ruel: Ruel's AP cost will be correctly calculated. 
  • Comen Goe: the Heads or Tails FX will now display correctly. 
  • Julith ***: the Silence effect will correct apply to her. 





  • Players who have attained the Veteran Rank will have their level correctly displayed, even if they lose matches.


  • A problem making it possible to go the Shop, without having seen the results after dragging a pack over the altar, has been corrected.
  • A problem where the "Open my packs" button on the Shop page only worked once.


  • The deck's card list display has been improved so that card names no longer exceed the field.


  • The colors have been modified to improve readability.
  • A problem causing certain messages to be displayed over each other has been corrected.
  • The character limit for messages has been increased.
  • The "Enter" key now allows you to open the discussion window when it is transparent. The "Escape" key lets you make the discussion window go back to being transparent.
  • It is now possible to click on a message to respond directly to the person who wrote it.



  • When a player unlocks a treasure offering that gives kamas (for example, Ruel level 9), the kama gain is displayed immediately. Before, it was necessary to log out for the counter to update.
  • When the name of a daily challenge is too long, the font size will be slightly reduced so that the text doesn't exceed the frame.
  • A problem where a new daily quest was not correctly displayed for players who remained connected after midnight has been corrected.
  • When an opponent gives up, the quest counter for destroying Dofus now increments as if the winner had destroyed two real Dofus.



  • The description text for the validation of a guest account has been changed to clarify that the email address is used as the account name.
  • A problem linked to changing the language of the login page has been corrected.
  • It is now possible to log out from a guest account, log in again with an Ankama account, and then find the guest account (limited to one guest account per device).



  • The application's behavior has been improved when the connection is lost while content is being loaded.
  • A problem which prevented logging in again after a very brief loss of connection has been corrected.