No, you haven’t dreamed the previous sentence: the official and international release of Krosmaga is scheduled for next Wednesday, February 22nd! And since a good news never comes alone, you will be able to experience Krosmaga everywhere since it will also be available on mobile devices!

We’re counting on you to make a maximum of noise around this release and show the entire world that Krosmaga and its community are the greatest in the universe! (And no less!)

If the game was already available on PC/Mac and tablets, on Wednesday it will premiere on mobile devices all around the world! Here, this is what it looks like:

Of course, a few adjustments were necessary, we didn’t simply port the PC game on mobile. You may have to get used to it, but don’t worry, it’ll be easy. Don’t forget to give us a rating on the Google and App Store (well, agood rating, we hope!).

With the official release comes the end of the season. We had talked about this possibility in this news before, but we can now confirm it: the first season will end on February 22nd. Which means the second season will start on that day and will last until March 31st. You still have a few days to give it all you’ve got and try to reach Veteran rank and get a bigger reward!

You’ve been numerous to react when we announced a pedestal for the top 100 players, usually judging it too exclusive. We’ve taken your remarks into consideration and decided to release only one pedestal as seasonal reward, offered to any player who reached rank 6 or more during the season.


Still, we want to make sure that in Krosmaga, progress is rewarded, and therefore it seems normal that higher levelled players get some specific rewards compared to more “casual” players. So we won’t reward only the top 100 players: you will get prizes equal to the highest rank you've achieved during the season. So if you've reached rank 20 during the month, but fell back to rank 17 since, you will still earn the rank 20 rewards chest. We’re currently working on a way to visually display the following achievements:


  • Veterans (rank 30)
  • Top 100
  • Top 20
  • The 3 best players on the ladder


And, for this first season that ends with the open beta, we’ve also decided to add some new phrases in the end season chests you will soon open.

We have other ideas in stock for even more customization linked to the ladder, we’ll tell you about them soon!

Here’s a little bonus! The first official Krosmaga tournament, the Frozen Arena, has concluded a few weeks ago, and we made a great deal of learning out of this experience. We greatly appreciated the spectacle and the eagerness of players during the tournament. Some duels were quite frankly epic!

We have decided to create special pedestals for the winner of this tournament, the 3 semi-finalists, and the whole top 16. See them below.

Kinda wish the next tournament would come sooner, right?