Purses are closing, money changers are shutting down their offices… Ogrines will no longer be available as a payment option on Krosmaga at the end of the month. Let us explain why.

As a matter of fact, soon, you won’t be able to use Ogrines on your account to purchase kamas to use on Krosmaga. They’re still usable for other games and services by Ankama like DOFUS, WAKFU, Krosmaster, etc.

Why is that? When the beta become open to all players last December, we made it so Ogrines could be used as a currency, so players could explore the game further. Long-time players sometimes had huge Ogrines reserves, which they then converted into cards and started the great Krosmaga adventure with us. Players had a bigger collection, we had players to test the game, everyone was happy!

However, we never intended for Ogrines to be a permanent solution to purchase items. As a result, in order to stay coherent, easy to understand for new players (especially those who don’t know what Ogrines are), and avoid creating a gap between beta-testers and newcomers, we will take advantage of the game’s official release to retire this currency.

You’ve been warned: Ogrines will no longer be usable on Krosmaga at the end of February. Other means of payment are, of course, still available.