Let’s count together, shall we? The open beta season, lasting two months, started on December 12th. By all accounts, the season should end on February 12th! Well, huh, not exactly… Let us explain.

“But why, why, why?!” are your probably asking, rolling on the floor and cursing the Twelve Gods (not too loud, they might hear you…).

Simply because it feels much more logical to us that a season closes at the end of the month. This final day of the month is like putting a punctuation on time spent, to balance the accounts and get ready for this new era that opens before us… Wow, we waxed lyrics a bit here, but the same logic applies to the end of a Krosmaga season. You won’t have to ask yourself “Wait, so does the season end on the 14th or 15th? What about leap years?”, it’s easier for you and us, so there it is: seasons will conclude at the end of the month, each time.
… Except for this very first season, because there’s a catch. We would like to make this new season synchronize with the official release of the game. Right now, we’re aiming for the end of February; if the game happened to be released before the end of the month, the season would close at this moment, and we will of course warn you about it. By the way, you may want to load your batteries in preparation for that day, as Krosmaga will then become available on smartphone!

If you’ve followed our logic, you will notice that the second season will start on March 1st and end on March 31st.

End of season’s rewards

When a season ends, it’s time for rewards! You will soon be able to open your first chest. It may contain cards of different rarities, fragments of Krosmic dust, kamas, but also maybe one or two pedestals. Of course, the higher your rank, the better the rewards!
We’d like to make two new pedestals for each season. One of them will be given to the top 100 players of the ladder, and the other to every player who reached at least rank 6 during the season.

Here’s what the pedestals will look like for the first season:

Alright, so now you have about 2 weeks to increase your rank, or even get into the top 100 players! Good luck everyone!