No further proof is necessary: our community has talent, and its many seasoned video makers are on YouTube, offering us quality content. That's why from now on, every month on the Ankama YouTube channel, you'll find (drum roll please!)…: The FanTape

Old or new, on PC or mobile: each month, we'll explore the nooks and crannies of YouTube to bring you a video from the community and to present you its creator on the Ankama channel. As you'll be able to see, this time round, it's a video about KROSMAGA.


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It’s time to meet Gapa, creator of English gaming videos, recording here one of his match with a Cra-gobball deck. He’s a bit sick in this video, but he managed to play his deck well none the less. You will discover here the basics of Cra gameplay: ranged attacks and direct damage. We hope he recovered his health since then, and that he will show us many more Krosmaga videos on his channel

Each month, you'll find the future "FanTapes" on our YouTube playlist. If you'd like to get the community to discover your video, or if you want to offer us a FanTape of your own, please send us your links in the comments.