Since the open beta, the Krosmoz’s God are having a lot of fun watching (and commenting) your matches. But it’s time to get down to serious things and show them who the real players are. Here is the first official Krosmaga tournament!

Not that it's not great facing off in ranked and unranked matches, but what the gods need is spectacle! It is true that with the arrival of the ladder, the level of competition has risen one notch. But are the first of the ladder really the best in tournament? Can an outsider be THE best Krosmaga player? Is the name chosen for our tournament not too close to something famous?

So many questions that need an answer!
The first official tournament “Frozen Arena” (you can thank Blou-fire for the name) will take place on the weekend of 28 and 29 January and will be open to 128 players.

If you feel like participating, or if you just want to see players compete in awesome jousts, here are all the useful information about this tournament.
For those starting out on Krosmaga who would like to participate, you can take inspiration from the decks shared for the “Share your Deck 2” contest or join the Krosmaga community on Discord to ask all your questions.

Before giving you all the details


It is important for us to say that this tournament will be the first online event organised on Krosmaga, and that it will take place while the game is still in beta phase in addition. Which mean that it is a unique opportunity for us to test the mechanics of a tournament, see if you like it, make adjustments, etc… Everything will probably not go without bumps (we can still dream!), but we will do our best to make this 1st tournament a memorable one.


How to enter the tournament?


As mentioned above, the tournament will be open to 128 participants. The registrations and the entire tournament will be organized on the Toornament platform. So, do not hesitate to create an account on Toornament right now! Be careful, however, to use the nickname you have in Krosmaga, it will be much easier for the management of the tournament.

We also insist that you check (twice, even) your availability before signing up. Be sure to be there on Saturday and Sunday. It would be unfortunate if you were to declare forfeit during the 8th round when you were about to become a legendary player, just because you have to go to the ice rink with your nephew.

In order to let the first players of the ladder join us to show us their know-how, we decided to reserve seats for the first 16 of the seasonal ladder. To determine who those 16 prestigious guests are going to be, we will take the names of these players on Wednesday, January 11th at 5:59 PM (GMT+1). So you still have a few days to be part of the elite!

If you are in this top 16 at this date, but you are already registered, we will cancel your previous registration and a place will be free for other players. If you are part of this top, but you can’t or you don’t want to participate in the tournament, contact us and there also we will free your place for others.

112 places are available starting tonight at 8:00 PM (GMT+1), so be prepared! If you are not one of the 128 contestants, a waiting list will be put in place. In the event of withdrawal, we will contact players.

For international players: you must be able to speak English so you can communicate with the referees.


The dates


The tournament will be held over a full weekend.
  • Saturday January 28th:
- Beginning at 2:00 PM: 1st phase of bracket group = 128 players
- Beginning at 4:00 PM: 2nd phase of bracket group = 64 players
- Beginning at 6:00 PM: 1/16th finals = 32 players
  • Sunday January 29th:

- Beginning at 2:00 PM: 1/8th finals = 16 players
- Beginning at 4:00 PM: quarter finals = 8 players
- Beginning at 6:00 PM: semi-finals = 4 players
- Beginning at 8:00 PM: Final


How the tournament will work


We have devised a system as balanced as possible so that every player has a chance and a bad draw doesn’t mean the end of the tournament. Therefore, we will a double Bracket Group system in place, then the finals phases will be in BO3 “Conquest” and the great final in BO5! … You didn’t get any of that, did you? Alright, here’s a longer explanation:


Bracket Groups


At first, we will split the 128 contestants by groups of 4. The first 16 players on the seasonal ladder will be spread through the 32 groups created this way (so they don’t meet each other before the finals). Inside those groups, you will need to get 2 victories to continue the tournament; there will be 2 qualified players per group. That’s what is called a “bracket group”.

W = Win, L = Lose

In the example above, [Poupik] won 2 games and is qualified for the next turn. [Nedab] lost his match against [Poupik] but won the one against [Aisk], therefore getting to the next step as well. In the end, even if you lose a game, you still have your chances (but if you lose twice, then there’s nothing we can do to save you).

With 2 different bracket groups in place, we will have 32 players qualified for the 1/16th finals!


Final phases


The tournament will now proceed with a direct elimination tree. 


Almost every match will be played in BO3*, be it the 1/16th finals, 1/8th finals, quarter finals, and semi-finals. Only the final game will be played in BO5*.

* BO3 means “Best of 3”, which means you have to win 2 times to be declared winner. Matches will end with a score like 2-0 or 2-1.
* BO5 means “Best of 5”, which means you have to win 3 times to be declared winner. Matches will end with a score like 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2.
Each contestant will have to prepare at least 3 different decks. And by “different” we mean “different Gods” of course! For all you that will be qualified to play on the second day of tournament, you will need to prepare a 4th deck.

The “Conquest” game format means that if you win, you must change deck for the next battle. To be the best, you'll have to be flexible and a well-rounded competitor! However, if you lose your match, you may choose to keep it for the next round OR change for your other available deck. 

However, before your match even begins, your opponent will have to opportunity to ban one of your decks, and you will do the same. Here’s how it works:
  • Both players communicate to the referee their choice of 3 gods (and therefore, 3 different decks).
  • The referee acts as an intermediate and communicates this list to the other player.
  • Each player selects one god of the opponent’s list and bans it.
In order to play the match against your opponent, you will have to add him to your friends list beforehand. This will also help you to organize your battles.
We will come back to you with a more detailed plan of organization once the registration have been closed.




More than 73.000 kamas in dotation! Many prizes will be awarded during this tournament, allowing you to complete your collection!

All contestants will receive a Noxine card, but also:
  • Ranked 128th to 65th: 1 Silver booster + 1 Bronze booster
  • Ranked 64th to 33rd: 1 Gold booster + 1 Silver booster + 1 Bronze booster
  • Ranked 32nd to 17th: 500 kamas
  • Ranked 16th to 9th: 1000 kamas
  • Ranked 8th  to 5th: 2000 kamas
  • 3rd and 4th place: 3400 kamas
  • 2nd place: 1 Kwismas Queen card and 6000 kamas
  • 1st place: 1 Kwismas Queen and 13000 kamas

Warning: a player who drops out of the tournament on the first round will be denied any rewards.

We’ll say it again; this is our first tournament, during the open beta phase even, therefore we will not offer any cash prize. We’d like to develop Krosmaga’s competitive side gradually, without skipping steps, so we’ll start slowly. We will see as the year progress and more competitions are done how this will all evolve.


Rules of the tournament

  • All exclusive cards are banned: Noxine and Kwismas Queen.
  • A game which started can never be started again or put on hold, even in case of a bug or connection problem.
  • All contestants, commentators, referees and hosts must be respectful of the other parties. Any insult or provocation will be punished.
  • If a player hasn’t made contact with its opponent 15 minutes after the beginning of the round, he will be disqualified.
  • All contestants must have the “Spectator mode” enabled.
  • Once the match is finished, the winner must enter the results on Toornament. A referee will check the validity of these results before going forward.
  • During the Bracket group’s phase, players can freely change decks between games. For the rest of the tournament, players cannot change decks during a BO3 or BO5, but can change their selection of decks or gods between two different opponents.
  • A player who doesn’t show up for the tournament or forfeits during the Bracket groups will not receive any prizes.
  • In case of unforeseen circumstances where the situation would require it, Ankama reserves the right to alter parts of the rules in order to ensure the continuity of the event under the best conditions.

Calling out for referees


You’d like to participate in this first big event, but don’t feel like fighting other players? Then come and help us as a referee! Your role will be:
  • To make sure the matches under your supervision are being played on time and run smoothly.
  • Punish any cheating in an impartial manner (not hitting down a player because you had a beef with him in the past).
  • To check the results of the matches you’re supervising, and oversee that they are correctly entered in Toornament. 
  • Be the main way of communication between players and Ankama: if there’s a litigious situation, players will come to you and only you will contact the staff directly.

If you recognize yourself in this profile, please contact [Dewit] through Ankabox. Write a little presentation of yourself and show him your motivation to do the job.
We will come back a bit later regarding the event's streams and give you more info about the tournament itself. 

Alirght, that's it, it's your turn to play! If you have any questions, please ask them in the commentaries, your feedback is more than welcome. And good luck in the Frozen Arena!