Many (many!) of you have entered our 2017 New Year’s resolution contest, which must mean you really want to do better than in 2016… on Krosmaga, at least!

Sometimes, we make resolutions for the New Years because we feel obligated to or because everyone is doing it, but we clearly saw in your entries that there’s a real motivation going on this year! Krosmaga inspires you, and it’s always a great feeling for us.

But we’re also pretty grounded in reality, and we know that most of you won’t ever hold these resolutions… so we selected the most fun and creative entries for this contest. Here are the winners:

  • I'll play with only spell cards and get my opponent to surrender. – DarkNyux on Twitter
  • In 2017 I'll play vigilante only decks while watching super sentai. –Sinnq on Twitter
  • In 2017, I’ll finally teach my little sister how to play @krosmaga without Cra Goddess every single time. – NaturalEN3MY on Twitter
  • Una deck con Megatun, Lu, Hombre Midiulubo y Chafer para hacer el elenco de Thriller-Michael Jackson. – BraianFB on Twitter
  • In 2017, I stop rage-quitting when my Ecaflip "100%-lucky-deck" turns against me... again—let the good times roll! – Elisith007 on Twitter
  • I will not laugh like Dr. Evil when my opponent rushes & uses all their cards for my fake dofus. – thefruityloop03 on Twitter
  • I will try not to be expelled from my house by the shouts I make when I win against an Okra / Xelor. – Ichinen on Twitter
  • I resolve to work on other decks aside from Xelor, cause let's face it, Xelor will take an EON to perfect. – Krampus on Twitter
  • For this New Year I will do the God Xelor's robo-dance every time I win a match. – Mauricio on Facebook
  • In 2017 I will stop crossing my fingers every time Chafer King is played. – Pato on Facebook

Thank you all for your entries. We’ve noticed many of you swore to get on top of the Ladder with a Sadida deck, well, now we’re waiting to see that!
If your resolution was selected for this list, check your private messages on Twitter or Facebook, your Noxine code should come shortly!

See you around for the next contest. :)