You’ve played nothing but Sacrier in 2016? You’ve broken your mouse after losing against a Sadida? And you can’t help but love the striches’ annoying factor? Then it’s high time for you to make some New Year’s resolutions for 2017!

Whether you’ve spend more than a thousand hours on Krosmaga or just picked up the game, we’re grateful for your attention and we hope you have fun while playing our game.

A new year is always the occasion to start off clean and fresh, and announce any changes we intend to make. Therefore, the Ankama staff team can already share their resolutions for the first week of 2017 with you!
“I’m going to stop playing Cra and try other Gods for once.” – [Nedab]
“I will no longer play Sacrier because it’s really too easy.” – [MoDDiB]
“I’m going to stop putting ten striches in every single deck I play.” – [Dewit]
“I will no longer play both Timekeeper and Devotion in the same deck.” – [Aisk]
“I will post, on the forums, the balancing changes before they’re added in game to get feedback from the players.” – [Toutoune]
“I’ll play nothing but Eniripsa decks and summons that can make *finger hearts*.” – [Poupik]
“In 2017, I’ll stop playing 3 Celestial Gobballs in my decks.” – [KewL]

But of course, it is you, the players, who are the most important actors in Krosmaga, so we’d like to hear your wishes! That’s why we’re asking you to send us your new year’s resolution for 2017, as long as they’re about Krosmaga of course. Maybe you’d like to change the way you play, or get rid of your old habits, or simply try something new? What do you have in stock for next year?

A few rules before we begin

  • Post your resolution on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #Krosmaga2017, and don’t forget to tag us @Krosmaga!
  • Your new year’s resolution must be about Krosmaga. Even if you decided to start lifting weights in 2017 (an honorable decision), we won’t take this kind of ideas into account.
  • We will reward the funniest entries, not the most logical. Example: “I will use this new deck I’ve seen in the contest where you play an absurd number of Bowmeows!”
  • Deadline for the contest: Tuesday January 3rd at 11:59 PM (GMT+1)


We will select our 10 favorite entries, and award their creators with a Noxine card! A good way to start this New Year.

So get to your keyboards and be convincing!