You have leveled up quite a bit since the previous contest! Your optimized decks got more ruthless, your fun decks are crazier than ever. Would you like to know which ones we liked the most? Then read the results of this contest!

You really went all out on this contest, and we can see that in your entries! There was a little for everyone and for every God, some competitive and some just for fun. We’ve even seen some players claim that it’s almost impossible to win using their decks, and we like this kind of boldness! We’re so glad to see that you have taken Krosmaga into your hands and that there’s many, many ideas that still wait to be discovered in the game.

Anyway, we said we would award two decks per God, right? Then, without further ado:



  • Platcard
  • AlexanderKuch


  • TheRedMonk
  • MasterYugo47


  • Squidfish
  • Seluti998


  • SupersunZeratul
  • Wiracoxa


  • Special-Tactics
  • Chris-Kopf


  • Airomen
  • Popolzen


  • Pelocho00
  • Galvaath


  • Markzs
  • Duoyu


Congratulations to all winners, you all win one Bronze, Silver and Gold boosters, as well as a Noxine card. Check your Ankabox, we will contact you this way shortly to send your prizes.

You can read all decks and their explanations in this forum thread; to all curious players who would like to know more, have fun!

Thank you all for your entries, and we will see you soon for another contest. :)