Now that beta is open, and challenging your opponents directly is possible, you’re able to show your competitive, fun or improbable decks to your friends. Get ready to reach the next step and present your decks to the whole world, thanks to our “Share your deck” contest, second edition!

Whether you’ve been playing Krosmaga since the first Alpha version or only for a couple of hours, this contest is for you. The rules are simple: show us your favorite deck and explain us why it’s so dear to your heart. Don’t explain every card that compose the deck, but give us a general look and a run through the available combos. Simply put, explain us what you like when you play with that deck.

For this second edition of Share Your Deck, we want to showcase diversity, so we will select two decks per God. In case you haven’t already done the math, that’s 16 winners in total! Each of them will receive a Noxine plus 1 Bronze, Silver and Gold boosters.

Don’t be afraid of being original and creative, as we will judge your decks on more than their capacity to win the game. The jury will be composed of several members of the Krosmaga team.


A few rules before we begin:

  • Only one submission per account allowed – choose the deck you’d like to show wisely.
  • Don’t forget to add a description with your decklist; without a description, your entry won’t be accepted.
  • Speaking of descriptions: no more than 200 words and mind your spelling and grammar (entries with too many errors won’t be accounted for).
  • The contest ends on Wednesday, December 21st, at 11:59 PM (GMT+1).

To give you some inspiration, here’s the presentation given to us by Chellojello*, one of the winners of the first contest of this kind. You can read all the previous entries as well right here.

* Some of the info shared here may not be up to date anymore, as the game has been re-balanced since then.


Terra Turtle

I created this deck mostly because Sadida was one my favorite characters in Dofus. I am still learning the game and with limited cards this deck isn't what I would exactly call my final build but that's why I entered this contest to win more packs  :)
The main strategy of this deck is to maintain lane control with spells and summons. This defensive approach allows me to survive their initial push and drag the game to the later stages when I have the advantage. After they have wasted their resources I can counter push and commit to pushing one lane at a time playing very reserved. This tends to drag the game but just like a true Sadida I have the patience to plant the seeds and wait for them to grow you reap what you sow after all  ;)