Since we’re still in beta, we’re taking to opportunity to improve the game in many ways, including balancing the different Gods. But before we enact these changes, we’d like to know your opinion…

To be complete transparent with you, since Krosmaga was released on tablets (in select countries only), updates take a bit longer to make. We now need Google and Apple’s approval before we can release a new update. What used to take a couple of hours during closed beta, now takes a few days since open beta. Instead of freezing the game version, shut down the servers for a little while to make the changes then re-open, we now work like this: we freeze the game, send the modifications for approval, then a few days later we can actually deploy the update.

Bah, semantics! The next game version is scheduled to be frozen this week. We wanted to show you what we were about to change regarding game balance, so that you could provide us with feedback and give us your impression on it.



Currently, the Goddess Sacrier is mopping the floors with many of her opponents, as the meta revolves a lot around aggro decks using her cards. It’s time to clip her wings a little (don't worry, we’re sure she enjoys it), with the following changes:
  • Clingin to Life: effect changed from “Sacrifice one of your Dofus to draw 4 cards” to “Sacrifice one of your Dofus to draw 3 cards”.
  • Gerbean: effect changed from “Confers +2 AT and CHARGE on your injured Summons“ to “Confers +2 AT on your injured Summons, then the CHARGE 2 cells. “
  • Jet the Flying Foot: Attack increased from 3 to 4.
  • Sanguine Armor: effect changed from “Give +5 AR to a Summons“ to “Gives +4 AR to a Summons“.  
  • Tears of Blood: effect changed from “Gives SHIELD and CHARGE to a Summons“ to “Gives SHIELD to a Summons, then it CHARGE 1 cell.“


Eniripsa, on the other hand, could use a boost since the last balancing patch:
  • Asprogic Fousand: cost reduced from 5 to 4 AP.
  • Healing Word: effect changed from “The targeted Summons recovers all its HP“ to “The targeted Summons recovers 5 HP“.
  • Lethargy Flask: effect changed from “STUNS a Summons for 1 turn“ to “Destroy a Summons AR then STUNS it for 1 turn“. Cost increased from 1 to 2 AP.
  • Psykosis Flask: effect changed from “Take control of an enemy Summons with 2 AT or less, until the end of turn“ to “Take control of an enemy Summons with 3 AT or less, until the end of turn“.  

Here are other miscellaneous changes we intend to make:


  • Roll Again: effect changed from “Draw 2 cards OR this spell goes in the enemy deck“ to “Draw 2 cards OR draw 1 card“.
  • Shesearch: HP decreased from 4 to 3. Cost reduced from 4 to 3 AP.


  • Deviousness: effect changed from “Banishes 3 cards from your discard pile to make Summons CHARGE“ to “Banishes 3 cards from your discard pile to make Summons CHARGE 2 cells“.
  • Second Wind: cards obtained from the discard pile are now completely random.


  • Shake: effect changed from “STUNS a Summons for 1 turn“ to “STUNS a Summons for 1 turn. Draw 1 card“.

Neutral Cards

  • Barry: HP increased from 2 to 3.
  • Demonic Rose: cost reduced from 4 to 3 AP.
  • Grambo Chef: cost increased from 4 to 5 AP.
  • Green Larva: effect changed from “APPEARANCE: Its target randomly changes row“ to “APPEARANCE: Its target with 3 AT or less randomly changes row “.
  • Megathon: HP reduced from 6 to 5.
  • Strichon: HP reduced from 2 to 1.


  • Baddoboss: cost reduced from 14 to 9 AP.


  • Remington Smisse **: effect changed from “DEATH: Places a bomb on the cells to their right and left“ to “DEATH: Places 2 bombs around him“.

So, what do you make of all of this? Please tell us so by leaving a comment below, and thanks in advance for your feedback!