One after launch, here's the answers to some of the most frequently encountered problems. 

The Open Beta started around 7:00 PM, Paris time, and everything went well… for a couple of hours! There was a server trouble during the night that followed (it’s not our fault, we swear!), and the game crashed around 3:00 AM… When the developer’s team came back to the office this morning, they immediately worked on solving this issue, and now everything is back to normal.

We’re also looking on the bug which says “Impossible to install Visual Studio Distributable”. We have found a temporary work-around for this: in the installer properties, select the compatibility mode as "Windows XP or 98"; this proved to be useful for many players.

For all those of you who were part of the closed beta, don’t forget that you need to install the new game version, which you can find here. The version you were playing until now has become a test version for us, therefore you need to use the newest version to play. Don’t worry, all of your progress have been saved on this new platform.

We also talked about gifts in our presentation, right here. If you were rank 6 before the open beta, the gifts for DOFUS, WAKFU, DOFUS Touch and Krosmaster will be sent to you today. If you were rank 5 or lower before the opening and then climbed to rank 6, your gifts should already be waiting for you on your account. There’s no need for codes, the gifts will be credited directly to your account (the one you’re using for Krosmaga, of course).

To conclude, don’t forget that we are still in beta. It means that we need your help to find and warn us about any bug you may encounter even more! There’s a dedicated part of the forums made just for this, and our team checks it regularly. Together, we can make the official release an amazing event!