From today, you'll no longer hear "Have you got one? Do you know where I can find one? I've been looking for days, I've had enough", but rather "What rank are you? Which god did you take?" And that's because the doors of Krosmaga Beta are now open to everyone!

Next stop, the open Beta!

Gone are the days when you searched for Beta keys at any cost! From December 12th, you can access Krosmaga in total freedom.

To properly celebrate the event, we've got a gift for all our players on all our games worldwide: a Gold Booster!

Enter the code KROSMAGABETA on this page and unlock 5 cards in Krosmaga, including at least 1 Infinite card – one of the rarest cards in the game*.

What's more, if you reach at least rank 6 in Krosmaga and you play DOFUS, DOFUS Touch, WAKFU or KROSMASTER, a surprise awaits you directly in-game.

  • In DOFUS, the Duelist Emote
  • In WAKFU, the Mystery Card Emote
  • In DOFUS Touch, the White Ninja Set
  • In KROSMASTER, the Season 4 Krosbox
Duelist Emote (DOFUS)
Mystery Card Emote (WAKFU)
White Ninja Set (DOFUS TOUCH)
Season 4 Krosbox (KROSMASTER)
Jump right in: the Alpha and Beta testers are waiting for you no matter what! Don't hesitate to interact with them, whether it's on the game forums or on the Facebook and Twitter accounts (now available in English!). Moreover, if you're one of the first people to have tested Krosmaga, we're getting a little gift ready for you, to thank you for having helped and supported us throughout the Beta phase. It'll most likely appear early next year!
* Valid once per account; all you need is an Ankama account to activate it!


If you were part of the closed beta-test, it is important that you download the game again from the website! The version you're currently using will become the "beta" client, where we will make some advanced changes tio the games, while the new version you can download from our website will become the "official" one. 

So don't be surprised if there's an error message when you start your old updater again. Your progression will be saved, bu it is really important that you download the newest version from the website in order to play with all the open-beta newcomers. Thank you for your attention!