Only a few more days before the beta opens and everything takes off! In this week's update, you'll find: the friend-related feature, as well as challenges and spectator mode… but also, a new ranking system!

The very principle of the game Krosmaga is based on duels. Whether it's ranked or unranked matches, the goal is still to defeat one's opponent. Up until now, you were mainly fighting against strangers, but now it's time to get serious, and start on your friends! Thanks to the add friends feature, you can invite your buddies to join you in-game, and even find that charismatic player who smashed your Gobball deck (oh yes, now you'll be able to see when they come online and challenge them!). If you want to find out more about this new feature, take a look here!
We've made some changes regarding in-game rankings and the distribution of points to reach different ranks. So, there'll no longer be just a single rankings board in relation to ranked matches; there'll be two of them: a seasonal one, and an "eternal" one! Before going into details, we'd like to take this opportunity to highlight the fact that from now on, the maximum rank you can reach on the seasonal ladder will be 30. Yep, that's an end to disproportionate ranks! Don't cry merevoilah; reaching rank 200 really impressed those of us on the team!

Here's what's changing:  


We've decided to implement 2 rankings boards:
  • A seasonal ranking, where you'll start at rank 1, and on which you'll be able to reach a maximum rank of 30. Points will be calculated in the same way as before: 100 points for a win, and 10 points per enemy Dofus destroyed. Beyond rank 30, you'll continue to gain points, and these points will form your ranking on the boards. Your position with regard to other players in that ranking will be indicated in real time just next to your rank. In-game, only the first 20 will be displayed.
  • An eternal ranking, based on an Elo system, and which will never be reset. On this ranking, you'll gain (or lose) points depending on your rank and your opponent's. The more you climb this ladder, the more difficult it'll be to gain points. That's right, you'll have to fight to stay at the top: you have to earn your place as one of the best!

Useful information: these two systems are linked, and will develop in parallel. Therefore, you can't choose to develop only in one or the other.


The seasonal rankings will be reset every two months. Well, not to zero, because your rank will be determined relative to the one you reached in the previous season. For example: if you reached rank 30, you'll start from rank 14 in the new season. With this new system, seasonal rewards are obviously on top of everything: kamas, boosters and even more!
To get back on the right foot, here's what will happen if you've been playing since the start of the closed beta: all characters who have passed rank 30 will be brought back down to rank 30. What's more, given that we're starting a new season, the total number of points you've gained so far will be divided by 3. This therefore means that if you're currently at rank 150, you'll first be brought down to rank 30 with the maximum number of points, but these will then be divided by 3 to start a new season; you'll therefore be at rank 14 for the new season.
To reward you for your commitment in this first season, you'll all receive an amount of kamas corresponding to your rank. To find out how many kamas you can get, multiply your current rank by 3 and round this number up to the nearest 5: a rank 14 character will receive 3x14 kamas = 42 → rounded up to the nearest 5 = 45 kamas in total.
Before resetting everything, we've decided to put the spotlight on the top 100 competitors in this very first season. A big, big well done to you all; you've earned your place in the hall of fame!