This patch will fix some issues currently present in the game. Discover its content here!



During battle

  • It is now possible to play cards faster one after the other.
  • You won't have to wait the end of the actions in game when you give up.
  • A system that detects clients problem has been added. It will automaticly try to solve the situation in case of an issue.


  • Our servers are now hosted on a different provider. This will fix a problem where disconnections would happen at regular intervals (usually Midnight, French time).
  • Social features activated! You have now access to different menus that allow you to interact with your friends on Krosmaga.
    • Friends list: you can add friends to this list, either directly by using their Ankama nickname, or after meeting them in battle.
    • Chat: click on a player’s name currently online from your friends list to chat with them. Ergonomics for this interface will be improved at a later date.
    • Challenge: challenge one of your friend to a friendly match of Krosmaga. This match has no impact on your rankings, won’t level up your Infinite cards, nor give you any kamas.
    • Spectator mode: from your friends list, you can watch a match your friend is currently playing. You’ll see the match without delay, however, you’ll see neither the opponent’s cards in hand, nor their Dofus’ hidden position.



During battle

  • Fixed a bug that could block a card when it was played while you were disconnected from the server.