This patch will fix some issues currently present in the game. Discover its content here!

Bug fixes


During combat

  • Atcham (all versions): his effect will be affected by Silence again. 
  • Die Alright: fixed the AP cost which sometimes wasn't reduced under certain conditions.  
  • Joris ***: his effect will work properly again.
  • Marline (all versions): Marline and his target will now go to their new owner’s discard pile when they die. Similarly, effects that bounce them back to the player’s hand will now send them to their new owners.
  • Sylvan Power: fixed this spell which wouldn’t work properly if drawn from the discard pile.
  • Effects from Grougaloragran *** and Madoll will now apply correctly to their new owners if they switch sides. 
  • Fixed a bug which could cause a game crash when several cards would go back and forth between the draw and discard piles.
  • Fixed a bug which could change the color of the smoke appearing after a Dofus’ destruction.
  • Fixed a bug which would show movement from or to the draw and discard piles in the wrong order.


  • Tutorial: fixed a bug where players could get stuck on the second tutorial by not getting all the scripted cards in their hands.
  • Sound: fixed a bug which could cause certain menu music to become silent.


  • After buying kamas or activating a code on the website without being connected to the game, the first connection to the game would sometimes fail. This has been fixed.

This patch will also add some content that are required for the next update, but will be invisible for you players. The friends, challenge and spectator mode interfaces will be added in the next patch, coming shortly. Sorry about the delay!