A new patch with several fixes has been deployed on Krosmaga. Find about it right here! 

On November 27th, at 2:00 PM (UTC+1), we will deploy a new update for Krosmaga. This patch will contain the following changes:


New content


During battle

  • When it is required to select a secondary target with a summons, clicking on the celle where the summons appear will no longer cancel this selection; this will help prevent accidental double-clicks.


  • Saizan Zen: effect changed from “APPEARANCE: Give +1 AR to a Summons or +2 AR if it is injured” to “APPEARANCE: Give +1 AR to a Summons or +3 AR if it is injured”.

Bug fixes


During battle

  • Celestial Gobball: fixed a bug which caused the Celestial Gobball to draw 2 cards from the discard pile.
  • Joris (2-stars and 3-stars version): his effects will now correctly be applied to the other player when Joris switch sides.
  • Madolls: Seeds and Remington’s Bombs are now considered as spells for this card.
  • Marline: he will no longer change sides if no target is selected when he’s summoned.
  • Marline: his power can no longer be affected by Silence.
  • Necrom Answer: fixed his effect which caused Sadida summons to get back to the player’s hand if they got to the end of a line or got transformed into another summons.
  • Trank: summons with Range will no longer be destroyed when they attack Trank.
  • Wild Whispers: the card will no longer resolve if you have no Seeds on the field.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the battle to stop if a prism was taken or destroyed immediately after it appeared.
  • Fixed the tooltips of some cards which didn’t show explanations for the right keywords.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the FX to appear after the destruction of a Dofus.
  • If a summons is resurrected on the same cell as an effect area (bomb, seed, bush, prism), it will trigger it. For instance, Remington being resurrected on one of his bombs will get it back to your hand.


  • Collection: fixed the display of cards summoned by other cards.
  • Deck Building: when creating a deck, you can now select more than 45 cards and remove the excess afterwards.
  • Deck Building: the game will ask you a confirmation to save only if you changed the deck’s name.
  • Fixed an error in the display of the “Fatal Blow” tooltip.
  • Fixed a display error which happened when the battle log was open on the victory screen.

Quests and Challenges

  • The Quest requiring 7 victories in a row could be validated prematurely. This has been fixed.


  • Fixed a number of compatibility issues with DirectX 9 graphics cards.
  • The game will no longer react to mouse and/or keyboards prompts, unless it is the program currently in focus.
  • Adjustments have been made to prevent game crashing issues linked to a trouble between the updater and the game.