It’s been a little while since we gave you some news! There’s no update scheduled this week, but that doesn’t mean we’re not working on balancing and so many more new things for the game.


Starter decks revamp

We have decided to change how starter decks work in Krosmaga. Starting with the next patch, these decks will no longer be available in the shop: you will automatically unlock them by winning a Training match with the chosen God.

This way, it will be much easier to start with a new God in Krosmaga: you won’t need to buy a “mandatory” deck to get the most basic cards for that class. You will be able to discover their gameplay much more freely. We think this change will make the different classes more accessible from the start for every player.

However, as a counterpart, those free decks will be slimmer and contain less cards than their paying versions. Come on, you can’t get the cake and eat it too while the gods nods approvingly!

If you have purchased a starter deck with your kamas before, don’t worry: you will keep all cards unlocked this way. The content from the new decks may be different, but you won’t lose anything you’ve already acquired!


Evolutions to come

Sadidas, as you probably know, have a selection of spells that depends largely on seeds. As a result, Sadida is currently weaker than other Gods because of the inherent complexity of creating a good combo with those seeds. We’re currently working on a bigger revamp of the class that addresses these issues, but in the meantime, we’ve made some changes in the next patch to make the class more fun to play.

In this same patch, numerous cards will be altered, thanks to your feedback on the forums. We’re not going name every single change right here, but their goal is to get a more balanced game. Some cards will go from a “rare” to a “Krosmic” rarity (meaning you can only have one in your deck), and others will undergo some more direct alterations, like the Protoflex, who will lose 1 MP.

Furthermore, Curse cards have been caught in many heated arguments, and we hear your concerns and questions about them. Several ideas are currently considered about them: switch the Curse and Draw prisms, increase the number of cards allowed in your hand… We will test those changes, and in a future patch, some of them may be acted in the game.

As you may know, both the chat system and the “Challenge an opponent” features are intrinsically linked. We’re making good progress on both, and our objective is to have them released in about a month! Incidentally, this will also make future tournaments much easier to organize. 


Bug reports

We’re very grateful for the feedback and bug reports you’re giving us on a daily basis: this allows us to solve bugs quickly and make progress quickly on new features (such as the Tournament mode). However, we’d like to point out something: screenshots and logs are incredibly important for our developers. We understand that screenshot your game when something goes wrong isn’t the first instinct of many people, but it makes it much, much easier for us to reproduce your problem if you give us one.

We’ve also set up a special e-mail address, so you can send us your error logs that you can find in the games files (see below). It’s very important that you send us those files right after you end your game session.


More Krosmaga!

We’re currently working on a Fan-kit for all of you, which should arrive soon. You’ll find numerous resources in there to let your creativity get loose!

And don’t worry! Like every time, a complete log with all the new patch’s changes will be published, with all the fixes and balancing alterations… but you should be used to it, by now!