After 7 days spent reading your scary sentences, we are here to deliver the results! We have to admit, some of them made us pee our pants… true story!

We noticed that, when it comes to scare your opponents, you have no limits! Good job, you will surely go far with Krosmaga: there’s nothing better than intimidation to impress your rival!

You will find the best punchlines below which all win a beta key. The 3 first entries are also awarded a Gold Booster! If your sentence is on the list, check your messages (on Twitter or Facebook) or your Ankabox for your prize.

Ecaflip: Seems like your luck just ran out!
Cra: Better get a umbrella, it's raining arrows today!
Eniripsa: These Words are the last ones you will hear.
Ecaflip: You're out of luck.
Sacrier: You will drown in the very same blood my body is covered in.
Cra: Hello! Put an apple on his head, but beware... I can shoot below.
Cra: Do you see this arrow? It has your name on it.
Sacrier: Your blood is the prettiest shade of crimson, you wear it perfectly.
Enutrof: I dug this gold… from your grave!
Ecaflip: I throw the dice, one to five today is your last day alive and with six I repeat.  

We don’t have a Spanish forum yet, but we had one Spanish contestant:
Ocra: No importa lo lejos que estes, mi flecha siempre te llegara.
Thank you very much for all your entries, and see you soon for the next contest!