There’s a faint smell of Al Howin in the air… Why don’t play a little round of “scare me”?


For this contest, we’re asking you to put yourself in the boots of the any Krosmaga God, then create a scary sentence to instill fear in the heart of your opponent. Something that gets a tingle running on your back, that promises dread and horror to its victim… No need to get into a complex recitation, sometimes, the shortest sentences can be the most efficient! For example:

  • Ecaflip: I’ve rolled the dice, and it says you’ll die six times today!
  • Eniripsa: This potion shouldn’t have that color… Spit it out!
  • Sacrier: I wonder what your blood taste like?  

How to enter the contest? There’s several ways:
On Twitter: send us a tweet at @krosmaga with your witty sentence!

On Facebook: comment your entry on this status: [link]

On the forums: simply leave a comment below this news.
In any case, don’t forget to specify which God is wording the horrifying sentence (a menace to lick your opponent to death bears much more weight if Ecaflip is the one saying it). Make sure your spelling and grammar are impeccable, as a poorly-worded zinger loses its sting. And finally, limit yourself to one entry, whatever the support may be.
What is there to win? Well, the 30 best spookers will be rewarded with a beta key, and for entries who really got us to wake up in a cold sweat, we will even throw a Gold booster as an extra!

You have until Tuesday November 1st at 11:59 PM (UTC+2) to submit your creation… Make the best of it!