Thanks to all of you for explaining your strategies, the team has taken notes and if we meet you in-game, we now know what to do! Muahahahahaha! Seriously, though, here are the 10 winners of our deck creation contest. 


There was a little bit of everything in the decks you’ve presented us. Subtlety or relentless aggression, pricey decks full of Infinite cards or more modest budget decks, and a good panel of varied Gods (even though we can clearly see your favorites!). The team has weighted by adding their voice to the votes, and we chose to reward the following entries:


  • Ranmaru1, with the Enica deck (Eniripsa)
  • Roefuc, with the EcaflipLuck deck (Ecaflip)
  • MrFigim, with the rush dofus everyday deck (Sacrier)
  • Der-chan, with the Neutral Planet deck (Sacrier)
  • Henok, with the Dolor deck (Sacrier)
  • Sancreter, with the Tempus deck (Xelor)
  • Kusanagui1, with the Epic Distance deck (Cra)
  • Chellojello, with the Terra Turtle deck (Sadida)
  • Moowolf-Reaper, with the Face Iop deck (Iop)
  • ZOMBOO, with the Dmg deal deck (Eniripsa)


You can find all of those decks in this thread; if you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to go and read them!

Every aforementioned winner will receive 3 boosters (1 Bronze, 1 Silver and 1 Gold) as well as 20 beta keys to distribute as they see fit! Winners, keep your Ankabox handy, we will soon send you the codes through this medium.

Thanks to all of you, and see you very soon for another contest!