We’ve been looking for a while now for the Holy Grail of decks, the best deck ever! The quest never ends, like a thirst that can never be quenched… Maybe you’ve found tours already. Would you mind sharing your deck with us?


This new contest is quite simple: share here, under this news, your favorite deck, and tell us why you think it’s best one. Don’t describe us every single card in it, but tell us how it works and what combos in hides within the cards.

If you haven’t played the game yet, don’t hesitate to ask questions to those who have posted their deck, you’ll have a better view of their strategy! You can also vote for your favorite, the one who looks the strongest and most reliable.

We will select 10 winners between the decks who got the most “thumbs up” on their presentation. Each winner will get 3 boosters (1 Bronze, 1 Silver and 1 Gold) as well as 20 beta keys that they can share any way they want: with their families, their friends, their Twitter and Facebook followers…

Before we begin, a few rules:
  • One entry per account – select your deck carefully before sharing it.
  • Make sure there’s a description alongside your deck; without explanations, an entry isn’t valid.
  • For your descriptions: no more than 200 words, and mind your spelling and grammar (entries which are too hard to read won’t be accounted for).
  • End of the contest on Wednesday October 26th, at 11:59 PM (UTC+2).
Here’s an example for you: the xelor deck made by [Kewl], tester at Ankama:

"I made this deck to control the opponent all game long, letting my Sinistros deal damage slowly while I wait to draw Timekeeper (a Xelor spell costing 20 AP who can destroy a Dofus outright).

This deck is really strong against other control decks who don’t have the Sinistro’s damage, but you’ll probably have difficulties against Eniripsas who can heal their Dofus and counter those gradual damage.

Your main objective is to take control of the Curse cards and prevent their respawn, so your opponent can‘t use them to destroy your Sinistros.
This deck mostly relies on on the Sinistro, Ayt Diod and Clock cards. A simple combo is to play an Albinarachnee, allowing you to get an Ayt Diod summon back to your hand in order to play it again."