9 days later… Are cats still locked in the next room and the dishes waiting in the sink? Oh, don’t bother, we know the answer already! Find here all the statistics 9 days after the beginning of beta and the next changes to come.


In only 9 days, you’ve been more than 7300 players to walk on the God’s new playground. And each day more than 2300 Krosmagians meet for incredible fights… and then flow to the forums to make bug reports, and for all that we want to THANK YOU! More than 300 keys giving access to the beta have been distributed in our last Twitter and Facebook contest; if you’re still haven’t got yours, stay alert.

Let’s talk numbers

More than 13.800 games have been played in ranked mode, and 16.000 in unranked mode, which put the two most iconic classes of Krosmaga on a pedestal: Cra and Iop. We’re now aware of your love for unsubtle violence! Infinite healing with Eniripsa doesn’t seem to be your cup of tea. And Ecaflip is loved even less, are you down on your luck?

Total games played

Playing is all fair and nice, but there’s always a winner at the end (unless the game bugs and it ends on a draw), and those who are the best at getting the opponent’s Dofus aren’t always the most frequently met. In ranked play, we’ve noticed that Eniripsa has more than 50% win rate, despite being one of less played Goddess. Cras are hanging high in the rankings with more than 60% win rate (we’ll talk about that below), while nature’s friends could only muster a low 38% (and we’ll also talk about that below!).

In unranked play, the gaps are even larger (of course, since we’re all testing there and make more mistakes) and Sadidas have only 32% win rate over there, while Cras are flying high over everyone with almost 64% of wins. Many of you have pointed us the differences between Cra and Sadida (the most extreme cases) and we’ve taken good note of it, changes are on the way. That’s what a beta is for!


Victory rates per God (all ranks)

Some of you are getting comfortable with the available cards and have gotten to pretty high ranks; shout out to TrippyWormS who has already surpassed rank 90 (while Tot still has trouble to get to rank 20). Congratulations to all of you who surpasses each other and gives out a tough fight to our devs in-game!

Work in progress



We were talking about it earlier, balance between the Gods is one of the greatest work in progress of the beta. We’re already prepared a few changes for the future, notable concerning Sadida. Starter decks for some Gods are a bit too weak (Sadida, again) or too strong (Cra). A few more changes will be done on Xelor as well, and to some Krosmic cards that are slightly too strong currently.

Current tests

We’re currently conducting a few tests about the hand size, be it the maximum number of cards in hand (currently 9), the size of a starting hand, and whether or not Flails should be counted or not towards the maximum. We’re also watching closely the length of a game: we think that 18 minutes on average is slightly too long (considering some matches go up to 40 minutes of gameplay).

Economic model and progression

We’ve read your feedback about the “high” price of 300 kamas for a starter deck. However, we’d like to point that for this price, you get 45 cards with no randomness involved whatsoever.

Still, we agree with you when you say the lack of available Gods when you first start the game is problematic. We’d like that players could try out each God to get a better idea of their gameplay (understanding nod to everyone who selected Sadida). We’re now considering a new system allowing players to play the different Gods quickly, without having to unlock all 8 starter decks.

Currently, our economic system has several ways to give out kamas: offerings, Ecaflip’s Challenge, krosmic roulette, or even by winning several games in a row. This system is bound to evolve, as we’d like that, in the future, the main source of kamas becomes the Ecaflip’s Challenges.

This closed beta phase allows us to try the viability of this system, both for players who only do 2 games per day and for those who chain 30 in a row! The possibility of accumulating kamas by doing a win streak is too much of an advantage for “big players”, at the expense of new players, players with bad deckbuilding skills, or simply unlucky players. All in all, the current system will get an overhaul to achieve a better middle ground.

Ranked play

Some of you have notified us that the rankings were not perfect, while others are surprised to reach “infinite” ranks. We’ve heard you! The progression curve will be revamped as well as the ranking ladder. However, other works have the priority on this currently (chat system, bugs, balancing, etc.)



We will replace the quest that rewarded 5 defeats in a row, for reasons that have been identified on the forums already. The quest “Play an Infinite card” will also be revamped into something fairer for everyone and which doesn’t rely on luck only.