Have you, for the last two days, left your dishes in the sink, neglected your pets and felt like time was running way too fast? Well, so have we! Here’s a little retrospective of the first two days of beta and the answers to the most commonly asked questions.


You have been more than 2500 players to fight each other since Tuesday night! And if you’ve met a player online whose name is [between brackets], you must have fought a member of the Krosmaga staff. Some of you fared well in this endeavor (even going as far as thrashing [Tot]!), other less so… But as Ecaflip would say, “One does not demand luck, for luck must be earned”!

What we’d like to say is that after long months of development, debug and balancing, it feels so good to finally show you what we’ve been working on! Playing with each other is all well and good, but it gets stale after a while. Today, we’re having tons of fun, and we can hear it in the open-space: people grumbling (“Owowow, this guy isn’t really nice” or even “Man, he’s wiping the floor with me!”), congratulating (“Haha! Gotcha!”) or even getting angry (“We need to nerf this card! I can’t lose like that!”). It’s a real pleasure to meet you in-game and read your reactions on Twitter, Facebook and the forums. Your enthusiasm is what drives us in this adventure, and we really hope you enjoy the game as much as we enjoy seeing you play it!

Don’t hesitate to be rough with our little creation, to abuse every card, to try every god… It is very important for us that you give us as much feedback and bug reports as you can. We’re watching very closely and we try to correct troubles as fast as possible. Which is why we have a tight schedule of updates during the beta. Speaking of which, here’s a link to the first patch we’ve made.

Before we answer your questions, we need to remind you of two things:

  • If you’re a beta-tester, several sections of the forums are dedicated to your bug reports: [link]. Developers will look at these sections frequently, and reported bugs are treated as soon as possible. If your feedback is focused and relevant, it may help you win your next game.
  • If you’re not yet part of the beta-testers group, you can try to win a key by entering our animations. We will hold contests during the beta, be it here  or on our Twitter and Facebook feed, to offer you the chance to join. Stay tuned, these contest can happen anytime!


Where can I download the game?

You can download and install Krosmaga on our website.
Find it here for Windows and here for Mac.

How do I activate my beta key?

Go on the “Gift code” page and create an Ankama account (or log in with the one you already have). Once you’ve entered the code, just download the game and you’re ready to go!

My game locks after the opening video, is this normal?

It’s likely that you haven’t got a beta access yet. As of right now, only alpha-testers and friends they have invited via a code can play the game. However, and as we’ve explained above, we will gradually open the beta.

When I enter my password, the game responds with an error. What should I do?

Currently, a bug prevents some special characters to be registered by the game, notably spaces, periods and + $ characters. We’re working on the issue, but in the meantime you can change your password so that it doesn’t contain any special characters.

When will the “Friends” feature be activated?

Our objective is to make this feature available before the official release. It is intrinsically linked to the chat function, and we won’t release one without the other. We’re still working on some functionalities, but we’ll keep you updated.
When will alpha-testers receive their rewards?

You’re right, we had promised special card backs for alpha-testers, but as you’ve probably seen already, those have disappeared in the beta. We’re currently looking into an alternative, probably something to do with the way your nickname is shown in-game. We’ll tell you as soon as we’ve found a solution, before beta ends of course!

If I buy pack of cards in the Shop, will I keep them after release?

Don’t be afraid of purchasing during the beta: our objective is to let you keep your collection once the beta is over. Anything you gain during beta will stay in your possession once the game move to its final release.

However, if we detect a big problem during beta, such as a bug in the purchase process, a major game imbalance or a trouble with the economic model, we may have to clean the plate and reset everyone’s collection of cards. If this scenario happens, all your purchases in the Shop (in currencies or Ogrines) will be refunded. So that nothing will be lost after beta!

Will there be a tablet or mobile version? When will it be released?

We gave priority to the PC/Mac version, but we aim to release a mobile and tablet version of the game. Our developers have worked on it in the past few months, and we’ll do our possible to release it at the same time as the official release.

Matchmaking doesn’t look optimized, I’m often fighting players with better cards than I have. What can I do?

Yes, games aren’t perfectly balanced right now, but this is because we’re still in beta. Even if you are more than 2500 players, it is still a “small” number. With the open beta, your troubles should be gone!

Can we use Ogrines in the Shop?

If you’re a DOFUS and/or WAKFU player and you want to use your Ogrines to buy packs on Krosmaga, you can, by going on the website Shop. However, “kamas” are the in-game money, and you won’t be able to buy Ogrines in the game or on the website. For technical reasons (linked to the future mobile versions), we cannot develop this method of payment for Krosmaga. It will still be used on DOFUS and WAKFU.