My dear kittens! I was waiting for you, you were the only ones missing here! I’ve prepared a card game just for you, and it’s going to stick in your head, believe me (and I am not only saying that to beat my own drums). Nothing excites me more than knowing you are about to get thrashed discover my game!


But what is Krosmaga exactly?

It’s a Collectible Card Game in which you will embody a God, no less! This means you will play with tremendous powers, be able to throw spells and summon an army of minions. And it is I, Ecaflip, who created it. Look at that:

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When playing Krosmaga, your goal is twofold: you have to take possession of your opponent’s Dofus, while protecting yours! Strategy is key in this game.

If you want to learn the basics before throwing you headlong in epic games, take a look here.


How can I play?

Starting from October 11th, a first round of closed beta will begin. Those who can access it are players who have already tested it few months ago, during the alpha test. The closed beta will welcome more and more players as time goes by. All info can be found here.

If you already have a code to enter the beta, just go on the « Gift Code » page after creating an Ankama account (or just log in with the account you already have). Once you’ve entered the code, you just need to download the game and enjoy!

If you don’t have a code and you want one, don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and to come regularly here on the official website: we will keep you up to date with the gradual opening of the beta. While you wait, you surely can get to know the different Gods. When you prepare yourself to embody one, it is always good to have a glance at it and to know what to expect