It took some time, but we finally have a launch date! Update 1.15 will be out on Tuesday, June 30!

It can be said that the players who took part in this adventure were quite inventive! We received hundreds of suggestions that we sorted, reviewed and put away in little colored pouches so we wouldn't lose them. Then we kept the ones that worked best.

Contrary to what was said about it in our previous news articles, it will be Update 1.15 and not 1.14 (a slight technical detail).

The new expansion will be available from Tuesday, June 30, for €4.99.

You can get it straight from the website, on the "Shop" tab.

A New Mud-Loving Family!

If you didn't already know, a new family is trampling its way into KROSMAGA: the Salamurai family.

You can expect them to set off a few chain reactions! Since these monsters' effects are only triggered once an enemy Minion has been defeated, you'll be able to perform devastating combos!

We won't immediately unveil what they all look like – we want to surprise you on the release date!

3 New Cards for Each God!


We've added a new spell card and two Minions for each god to all decks.

This should give you more flexibility and freshen up the gameplay styles you already know!

Here are a few examples:

Thanks to a community that's on top form in terms of creativity, we made great achievements. Some of you set yourselves apart with your enthusiasm, so we'd like to say a big "thank you".

We promised players whose cards were selected for integration that they would receive the expansion for free.

Here is the list of the lucky participants:

  • Bloum-Haryndodouss
  • Eutecto
  • Grivel-Dlanor
  • ilidiane
  • jomie
  • MickeyVonair
  • Nokuni
  • ombridge
  • oups-jes-bug
  • -PeggY-
  • red-kojax
  • snoopythedog
  • Sonaru
  • stonebrew
  • terga

If you're one of them, the expansion will be credited to your account on its release date.