As we mentioned last week, we would like to include you closely in Krosmaga's next update. Here's some more information about that.

This is a big first for us. We are going to ask you to suggest your card game designs so they can be added to the game! The images will be provided, all you have to do is rack your brains.

Taking part is easy. Players post their proposed cards in the forum in the specific area set aside for that. The community will vote to determine which proposals are the best. The game team will then study the top 5 favourite cards for each god and the top 10 favourites for the monster family: Porcos. (Note that if two cards for the same monster are tied in the votes, we will only pick one.)

The selected illustrations will be revealed in the forum.

Here are the elements we need for your entry to meet the requirements:

  • only 1 entry per forum post (but you can obviously propose several designs in separate posts)
  • AP Cost
  • HP / AT / MP
  • Effect description (limited to XX characters including spaces) – be brief and precise
  • no Infinites
  • card name (only when necessary, but put one anyway, we like a good laugh)
Feel free to take part on the forum! (in french but of course your designs are welcome)

Be careful to propose effects that already exist in the game. To get back in the swing, we won't be developing new mechanics. Yes, it's a shame, especially as we've read the forums, but this time around we don't have the choice.

This event is taking the form of a contest in which the winners (the people whose designs are selected) will win the entire expansion, a brand new platform, and their nickname on the card. As you've probably guessed, this expansion will be available for purchase for €4.99. The platform will also be available in the store at a price that has not yet been determined.

You have until November 1, 2019, to submit your creations in the corresponding section of the Krosmaga forum. Voting will remain open until November 8, 2019.

The team will of course keep a well-trained eye on the proposals and may at any time modify or eliminate an entry supported by the community.

The complete contest rules are available here. (translation is pending)

By entering, you automatically cede your rights to your creations.

We can't wait to read your proposals!