welcome to Krosmaga, My kittens I've been expecting you!

You were all that was missing. You know, nothing makes me quiver as much as knowing that you're soon going to discover my game.
It will probably be the last time I give you advice, so pay attention!

In Krosmaga, you have a double objective: you have to capture your opponent's Dofus* while protectingyour own! That's not too complicated.

Not just a card game!

To protect your Dofus, you'll have to put your deck together in a strategic way.
And to do that, you have two types of cards:
Minions (to summon an army to help you) and Spells (to... uh... cast spells)!

Can you feel the pressure rising? Wait until you see the epic challenges waiting for you before you panic!

Once cast on the game board, Minions live their life. They advance and they attack at the end of their turn!
Each god has specific powers that allow them to cast spells.
The game board
(also called the battlefield)
Your Action Points (AP)
You'll receive an amount of AP equal to the turn number: on turn 1, you get 1, and on turn 2, you get 2, and so on. And it's these AP that will allow you to play your cards.So choose the cards that you will play carefully, depending on their AP cost!
Your hand
These are the cards you can play. You draw a new card at the start of each turn. You can have up to 10 cards in your hand, and not a single one more. If you cannot draw an extra card, it will go directly into your discard pile!
All of your actions and your opponent's are noted here. It can always be helpful if you're the forgetful type and you're wondering "Have I already played this card?".
Enemy Dofus
Each Dofus has 5 Health points. Once you manage to inflict 5 damage on an enemy Dofus, it's destroyed. Like you, your enemy has three real Dofus and two fake ones. They're all hidden, so you'll need to guess which ones are the real Dofus!You'll need to destroy two real enemy Dofus to win the game.
Of the five Dofus present on your side of the board, only three are real Dragon* eggs. A sneaky way to lure your opponents in, no? Protect your real Dofus and keep enemy Minions from attacking them! *The fake Dofus are the transparent ones.
Your God and the Opponent's God
Note that in Krosmaga, you embody a god! The one you choose will grant you very specific powers: their spells, but also certain creatures that are faithful to them. Choose wisely.
Your draw pile (deck) and your discard pile
At the start of the game, your deck contains 45 cards. Each turn, you draw a card from it and add the card to your hand. When you play a spell card, or when one of your Minions dies on the game board, the card goes to your discard pile!
Play your Minion cards: they'll come to life on the game board. Once placed, the Minion will automatically advance and attack enemy creatures.
The game board
(also called the battlefield)