- The god Sram -
Patron divinity of both the Srams and Rogues, this god doesn't think twice about using and abusing some of the worst strategies to grow his ranks of followers. He's even gone as far as impersonating another god! Cons, crimes and outright manipulation are his keywords!

Discard: For a Sram, there's a fine line between life and death. One minute you're alive, the next you're dead; in the end, the difference between the two isn't that great. Discard cards, draw cards from your discard pile, or help yourself to your opponent's discard pile.

Banishing discard pile cards: The dead aren't worth much on the battlefield, unless you're the god Sram, who uses them as spare change to play more cards or do more damage.

Tricky Attack: Take the other gods by surprise - after a well-placed attack, certain Srams can slip behind their opponents' backs.

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