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curse spell

By l-davinnci February 04, 2017, 00:35:13

heey people,

im so sick of that curse spell, every time im on the winning hand some one uses 2 (ish) curse spells to finish me of.
so enoying i get that u have to use em smart and u have to defend and that they are important, but PLEASE nerf them. 1 or 2 uses per turn isnt that bad. more tactical more fun. 
if i let one minion attack my dofus in the early or when ever, im done for in the late game ( gues thats why it is named curse?)

sorry if this is was pointed out allredy, tell me you're toughts about it, these are just mine

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If 2 curse spells were enough to finish you off you clearly didn't have the winning hand.

If more than 3-4 curse spells were used to finish you off, the aggro deck outplayed you either by stealing your prisms or forcing you to pick up your last prism to reset them.

If more than 5+ curse spells were used to finish you off, I don't care what you think of the current board state or your hand, the aggro deck crushed you.

I mean this is classic aggro vs control. In MtG the control player doesn't get to declare it a win if he's finally stabalized on the board, but has 3 or less life and the aggro has a deck that's 33% burn spells.

Curses are part of the game, you have to stabalize keeping in mind how much burn your opponent can do. Even if you stabalized if you were within burn range you clearly weren't winning.

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Well, try using cards that heal, or swap your injured dofus. Or Joris** that prevents curses from doing anything.

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It's not like Joris 2 is hard to kill.

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