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Shake and lethargy flask

By Atticor January 06, 2017, 15:57:56

Both say stun for 1 turn, meaning a stunned Summnon cannot attack or move.
But only shake prevents attacking, lethargy flask makes only an animation.
Also enemy summons won't ever walk in your turn.

And why the hell are the card packs containing the cards from the starter decks? Especially in the case of the bronze packs, they shall contain at least one rare, but instead of the rare you're basically giving 50 fragments which isn't even enough for 2 commons, not to speak of an uncommon. I can understand it when you're already got 3 copies or crafted them, but when it's a card that everyone has from the beginning...

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This might be helpful...
Or you had bugs? Hard to understand from your words. Problem is, stun has unclear description

About decks - they changed starting decks system not so long ago. Maybe, it was still tested... Or they simply didn't noticed that problem... Or that was secret plan for players to donate more laugh
Anyway, people already reported that. Let's hope basic cards will disappear from packs

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