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extremelly unbalanced and P2W

By saphiLC2#1445 December 18, 2016, 04:12:02

Game is fun, until you find people with broken cards, how the hell is a "charge to a dofus" balanced? without bad effects, just charge and win.... how the hell is an enemy with 1-6 range balanced!?!?!? at least make it 2(3)-6 so it cant attack in close combat, or "hit everyone by 1" or all ur ap becomes damage.... im complaining because most cards are broken without negative effects to the caster.... whatever, tried it for a week and that was enough time to see this game is pay to win, it was fun, gave you a chance even if it was REALLY hard to make the game work or download the data.... bye, doubt ill ever come back, worst first impresion, -10/10

wow trying to uninstall the game and it wont do it... ill report the installer as malicious...

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That's why it's in beta. Why would you play the game complaining about anything if it's in beta? Just report kindly what you do not like, that's why you participate in beta. You test the game. You are a beta tester. 

I don't know what you did expect from the game in beta.

I can't believe people play beta/alpha of the game complaining it's not polished or not yet balanced. Just wait till Krosmaga official release and then make your justifications.

Or you can just grind cards and be that op guy. 

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Play a little bit more and you will see that you can actually play against most "broken" cards, because you'll know what to expect from enemies decks and will be able counter them with your cards. I agree that some Infinite lvl 3 are very powerful, but that's how they make money :~

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I'm not sure why you are complaining? It isn't p2w really because EVERYONE can do the same thing (unlock cards & decks) sure you will vs people with OP cards but if you learn the game and how to build a deck you can properly counter someone said above...this is BETA...voice your opinion instead of putting it down so harshly..OR just quit playing it tongue

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and nothing of value was lost that day

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1 less pleb

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