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Twitch chanel - My weekly stream

By Lodesu#6436 August 18, 2021, 20:55:06

Sup' guys ! I've been streaming since the start of this year Krosmaga almost daily. Starting today, I'll be streaming once a week each Wednesday (9pm to 11pm Paris time). You can find me here :

I'll be updating the post with a better presentation overtime, and a link to past broadcast if you're interested. Twitch archive them for 2 months before deleting them.

See ya later !

09/16/2021 - Eniripsa & Ecaflip Midrange :

09/08/2021 - Sram and Sacrier Midrange :

09/01/2021 - Sadida & Cra Agro :
2 unlucky losses, very good starting hand from the Xelor and some luck on the early loot from the Enutrof. Still we got a good look on both decks. See you next week!

08/26/2021 - Iop silence & Enutrof Combo :
Yet again not my best stream, but playing 2 gods and decks I like a lot. Two of those games were quite unlucky, very good starting hand and top deck from our opponent playing Xelor Agro (the one presented the previous week, we didn't that much luck when we played it!) and a sniping from another xelor, sad life all around. We could've done better against the Iop, but otherwise I guess we got quite a good look to both of the decks.

08/18/2021 - Xelor Agro & Feca feca :
Today's session was Xelor Agro and Feca Feca, two decks I've had a lot of success with in the past. But we got some bad luck this session, no Maksmane / golden egg piwi / kamasutar with the Xelor, and there's the added difficulty of trying this exercice in english, I've definitely made some mistakes. I do plan to keep improving this in the coming weeks and months, do not hesitate to come by if you're interested.

BONUS : For those interested in the Draft mode, I'll link to you past broadcast where i've spent the time explaning my pick both in french and english (and the timestamp to find them).

5:30 to 36:00 (eni) :
1:9:26 to 2:10:00 (iop) :


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