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By Ekossa#7714 March 02, 2021, 19:50:30
I think mostly the game is good, only I'd say cra goddess is too strong, as is parma knight considering rarity/ap cost. Also not sure about the mechanic that allows you to return the same minion to your hand multiple times. 
Cra is super easy to play (except against other cras), but almost impossible to win against with most other classes, as they seem to only be killed with spells or with minions that are both fast and chonky.
Parma knight is pretty OP for a 5ap rare card -- Percedal (6ap infinite) has first strike only on a condition and his AT are fixed unless you buff him.
I think returning a minion to your hand once is a cool mechanic, as are certain minions that return by themselves when the conditions are met. But returning the same minion to your hand 5 or 6 times just starts to feel like groundhog day. Maybe a limit on how may times you can return the same minion, or on how may times you can return it in the same way?
Anyway, those are just some things I noticed, and what I thought about it ^^
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I perfectly agree about Parma knight, according to me, it should cost at least 7 ap... at least...
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Cra is supposed to live and die by counterplay, as in they can only really make strong plays if you make strong plays first, so if you give them the initiative then they can't really do much with it for several turns, with Robin Falsehood (a minion that can instantly die to almost every damage-spell) being the only Cra-exclusive card that can really be aggressive in the earlygame due to his maximum range of 4.

Parma Knight is a very strong card, though I feel its problems lie more in how blatantly OP First Strike and Dead Enemy are as mechanics. I feel in PK's case Dead Enemy could be swapped out for Final Blow and, while it will still be strong, it won't be AS oppressive as it currently is. First Strike could also be nerfed to only really work during the controllers' turn, making it comparable to Range and Rally in that they are strong on your turns but effectively useless on your opponents turns.

Bouncing your own cards is strong in the right combinations, but most of those require cards with high AP costs and low stats. As someone who has played bounce decks they hinge entirely on if you can draw into your powerful and very specific Krosmic/Inifinites fast enough or stall with fairly weak minions for long enough. The real problem card in this case is Vampyro-3, as his high-but-not-really AP cost relative to just how game-breaking his ability can be is rather silly. 9 AP is a huge initial investment but can be easily whittled down by running as few as 2 other Ghoul cards, he lowers his own AP cost on top of all other cards in your deck when summoned making the bounce loop even more consistent, and can even be searched from the deck by the regular Ghoul card, so perhaps an AP cost increase to around 12 or so would be appropriate if bounce decks had to be nerfed, forcing him to be only really usable in Ghoul decks rather than them being a versatile engine for several different strategies.
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