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Neutral Spells

By TheDove#6182 August 16, 2020, 06:21:45
Posting in a dead forum full of Necrobumps for fun, don't mind me.

Don't you think its a crying shame that neutral cards can't be spells? A few people mentioned it makes sense but I can't agree.
A lot of Krosmoz's creatures have special magics that would represented very well by a spell card. For example, none of the Whisper Cards(other than the standard bearer) have their Murrmurrs represented on their cards. Huppermages and their spells have no God either, but I suppose it'll depend on if they're going to be neutral units or not.
Unless adding neutral spells messes with deckbuilding somehow (Which I don't think will happen), I see no problem with it.

Failing that, can God Osamodas at least get the mook spells?
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WHOA! I just encountered Ferngard or what his name is, the RANK THREE PLAYER!  He’s the greatest noob! I can still not believe that’s our top players! And I’m not talking about ‚Power of Cards’ when i say Noob: He does not understand the concept of this game, he’s rude, arrogant and just overall laughable!  Holy cow, i was so surprised by this! I’ve seen stupid players and those who pay real money to win before, but this genuinly surprised me. Genuinly.  Ok, ok, harsh words, i know. So why do i say this? Let me try to explain it step by step.  Wait... no... actually, let’s not do this step by step - it wouldnt actually change what is is: A matter of trust. In the end, I’m just a stranger on the internet to anyone who reads this. This won’t change, so, whatever.  I just wanted to let you know how genuinly surprised i was what noobs as well as what ‚kind’ of players are at the top.   

Yeah, when is Osamodas even coming to Krosmaga? I mean, he's lore-wise the strongest god, isnt he? And if i personally had to choose a class to really BE in Real Life, i would be a Tamer/Summoner - an Osamodas!
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You can go up on the ranking by playing a lot you don't need to be that good and even though any player can have a bad fight sometimes the  worst cards in our deck show up in the worst possible situation.  
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Bump because oh come on.
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I want osamodas too not only in Krosmaga but I want an Osamodas Dimension in Dofus unfortunately Osamodas isn't that popular in game.   
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